Iran Begins Extraction of Largest Uranium Mine in the Nation

Iran began exploitation of the Narigan mine on February 5. It is believed to be the nation’s largest source of uranium, with an estimated 650 tons. It takes only about 20 kilograms to make one nuclear weapon, so this mine has enough uranium for nearly 30,000 bombs.

Mohammed Eslami, leader of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (aeoi), said the mine would be groundbreaking

[C]reating the capacity with the aim of expanding nuclear power production and application of radiation are among the major goals pursued by the aeoi as part of the comprehensive strategic plan for the nuclear industry. The uranium extracted from this mine will be sent to Isfahan for purification and for making [nuclear] fuel.
—Mohammed Eslami

Just days before, the International Atomic Energy Agency criticized Iran for its undeclared changes to the machines at its Fordow plant, which can now enrich uranium up to 60 percent. In November of last year, Eslami gave the reason for this change: “We had said that Iran will seriously react to any resolution and political pressure … that is why Iran has started enriching uranium to 60 percent purity from Monday at the Fordow site.”

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