South Africa Committed to Helping Russia ‘Redesign Global Order’

South Africa is committed to helping Russia push for a “redesigned global order,” South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a meeting on January 23.

  • Russia and South Africa aim to challenge Western dominance by using their so-called brics economic alliance with China, India and Brazil.

There’s a strong affinity in [brics] that the world should not have one superpower and that one superpower should not be the U.S. There must be multipolarity; there must be other centers of power.
—Steven Gruzd, head of the African Governance and Diplomacy Program

  • Russia’s war on Ukraine has forced many nations to choose a side.
  • South Africa initially criticized Russia for invading Ukraine but has since claimed neutrality over the conflict.

Prophecy says: Ezekiel 38 says Russia will be a leading power during the “latter years”—meaning our modern era. And one major source of strength will be its partnership with China. Ezekiel 27 and Isaiah 23 show that Russia and China will be among the most active players in an end-time economic alliance called “a mart of nations” (Isaiah 23:3) that will soon control global commerce. Verse 1 says that “Tyre”—a city which here represents Europe’s commercial center—will be the other main power in this mighty trade alliance. brics nations, such as South Africa, could potentially join the alliance as well. And the Bible makes clear that this mighty bloc will indeed redesign the global order, mainly by sidelining the United States.

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