NATO Nations to Send Infantry Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine

France, Germany and the United States all agreed last week to send Ukraine armored vehicles to strengthen its defense against Russian forces.

  • On January 4, France said it would send an unspecified number of amx-10 RC fighting vehicles, providing quick-strike capability.
  • The U.S. announced on January 5 that it would send 50 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, known for being “tank killers.”
  • Germany also agreed on January 5 to send 40 German Marders, armored personnel carriers.
  • Both the U.S. and Germany are also planning to send Patriot air defense batteries.

No tanks yet: Ukraine welcomes the shift in Western nations toward greater weapons assistance. Yet the amx-10s, Bradleys and Marders are not the type of full-fledged tanks that its forces have requested. The nation would prefer shipments of France’s Leclerc, Germany’s Leopard and America’s M1 Abrams, all of which are more mobile, durable and accurate and have longer ranges. Nevertheless, last week’s announcements appear to be a sign that deliveries of tanks are no longer off-limits.

  • Ukraine says it needs around 300 tanks and 600 to 700 infantry fighting vehicles to push Russia out of its territory.

Prophecy says: Russian forces have been weakened and demoralized by the invasion of Ukraine. The Trumpet believes, however, that Russia will achieve victory. This is because Bible prophecy warns that Russia will be a fearsome nation in the end time that will conquer viciously. Ezekiel 38 and 39 say that an alliance of Eastern nations will be led by a strong Russian ruler. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has identified this end-time leader as Vladimir Putin.

I have been warning for more than two decades that Vladimir Putin would be responsible for violent conquests and that he would set in motion some astonishing and historic events. This understanding comes from studying the Bible and believing God—and He has much to say about Russia and Vladimir Putin!
—Gerald Flurry

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