Russian Oil Goes to India and China Because of Western Sanctions

Shipments of Russian crude oil that would normally go to Europe will instead arrive in India and China over the next several months, Reuters reported on January 5.

  • Europe’s embargo and the West’s price cap on Russian oil put into effect on December 5 aimed to limit Russia’s crude exports.
  • Instead, one Indian refiner told Reuters, “India and China are their major homes.”
  • Russia is selling the crude oil to Chinese independent refiners at discounted prices.
  • Since Russia invaded Ukraine, crude oil exports to China doubled and those to India increased 14-fold.
  • By November 2022, Russia was exporting 959,000 barrels per day to India.

Prophecy: India and China have a history of hostility toward each other; however, one thing both nations agree on is partnering with Russia. A prophecy in Ezekiel 38 says that one day India and China will put aside their differences and form an alliance under Russian leadership. Verse 2 says “Magog,” a biblical name for China, will be a key partner to “Gog,” a biblical term for Russia. Verse 6 mentions that “Persia” and “Ethiopia,” correctly translated as “Cush and “Phut,” will be allied with them. These names in this context refer mainly to the people of India today.

The tightening economic ties between Russia, China and India are laying the foundation for this future alliance.

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