Thousands of German Police Round Up Far-Right Terror Plotters

This morning, 3,000 police raided 130 properties, arresting 25 people with suspected links to the extremist Reichsbürger movement.

  • Reichsbürgers—or citizens of the Reich—claim that the federal government is illegitimate and the German empire is the true, rightful German state.
  • German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said police were responding to a “suspected terror network” and that “the suspicion exists that an armed attack on constitutional organs was planned.” The group had reportedly been in touch with Russia for help with the plot.
  • One of the arrested was “Prince Heinrich xiii,” who was to have been installed as the new leader. He claims to be descended from the house of Reuss, a German principality descended from Henry vi, a 12th-century Holy Roman emperor. It was deposed in 1918.

Military involvement: One suspect is a serving member of Germany’s elite special forces, the ksk. Several others were German Army reservists. German military intelligence has previously said that the ksk is a “hotbed of the far right.”

It’s not the first time their members have been implicated in a plot to overthrow the government: In 2018, a former ksk soldier was part of an organized conspiracy to assassinate leading left-wing politicians. Others pilfered ksk ammunition to help in far-right violence. In 2020, one of the four ksk companies was disbanded because it was so full of far-right sympathizers that it was deemed beyond rehabilitation.

An accurate forecast: The repeated discovery of these kinds of plots shows that some in Germany are dangerously angry about the current state of affairs and willing to go to extremes to fix it. It suggests the extreme views and sympathies that exist throughout German society. It also confirms forecasts by Herbert W. Armstrong that a Nazi spirit would rise again in Germany. To read about similar plots and understand the Bible prophecy behind this forecast, read our article “Why Does Germany Have So Many Neo-Nazi Conspiracies?