First Private Rocket Takes Off in India

India launched its first privately developed rocket on Friday, November 18. The rocket took off from the Indian space agency’s launch site and reached over 55 miles at peak altitude.

Rocket science: The rocket, called the Vikram-S, can travel at five times the speed of sound. It can carry 183 pounds to the Kármán line, the recognized boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. (The Kármán line is 62 miles above sea level.)

  • The rocket was developed by Skyroot, a space startup company.
  • The company aims to cut development costs in the space industry by 90 percent.

Innovation and cost efficiency should be the two drivers for the industry. Cost efficiency has already been achieved, and now we should look at cutting-edge technology.
—Pawan Chandana, cofounder of Skyroot

  • Skyroot shrinks costs by using a rocket that can be assembled in less than 72 hours.
  • Next year, they plan to launch rockets capable of delivering satellites.

Why watch India?

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