EU Constitution Cannot “Be a Hostage to Democratic Votes”

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EU Constitution Cannot “Be a Hostage to Democratic Votes”

On July 3, an article appeared in the Brussels-generated online newsmagazine reporting comments from EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson stating that the EU Constitution should be protected from voters. “Mandelson is clear that any new text cannot be a hostage to democratic votes,” and he believes “the answer to any EU question is likely to be no from European voters.”

“Anything that crosses the threshold of requiring a referendum will immediately run into difficulties,” Mandelson told E!Sharp magazine. “We have to come to terms with the fact that getting any constitutional treaty past a referendum in our member states will be an uphill struggle.”

The fact that this British politician is so afraid of permitting the voice of the people to dictate European policy should cause enormous concern to the people of the Continent. As the United States touts the benefits and celebrates the expansion of democracy throughout the Middle East, it is overlooking the fact that Europe is trending in the opposite direction, in shocking fashion.

Germany, which takes its turn at the EU presidency in January, plans to restart or revise an EU constitutional treaty. Progress came to a halt last year, when voters in France and the Netherlands rejected the treaty; to prevent a political crisis for the Union, all other referendums were postponed. Mandelson is not the only EU politician who has proposed getting around this impasse by simply ignoring the will of the people. Many EU leaders appear determined to create the federalist superstate of their dreams, even if it must come at the expense of the freedoms that most people in the West hold dear.

Such strong-arm tactics portend the future of this power.

Focusing our research on trends and events prophesied in the Bible, the Trumpet staff has repeatedly reported on and published commentary about the developing federalist, undemocratic nature of the European Union. Bible prophecy describes this rising power bloc as a resurrection, or resurgence, of the old Holy Roman Empire led by Germany. Stay linked to, and watch carefully as the semi-covert nature of this project becomes much more pronounced.