The Biden Regime Implodes

00:30 Economic Collapse 17 minutes)
Inflation is out of control in America. After one year of the illegitimate Biden presidency, used cars cost 37 percent more, furniture is up 14 percent, and gas is up more than 50 percent. The cost of housing, food and clothes is also spiking at historic rates. Year-over-year producer prices soared by 9.7 percent in December, making it the biggest increase on record. The overall 7 percent increase of inflation over 2020 is the highest jump in nearly four decades. As one reporter said, “This type of inflation can ultimately derail an economy.”

17:05 CNN Loses Nearly 90 Percent of Its Audience (16 minutes)
Fox News is now the most-watched cable network on television, while CNN has lost nearly 90 percent of its 2021 audience. For the past year, CNN and other left-wing media outlets have been claiming the Nov. 3, 2020, election was perfect, that Jan. 6, 2021, was an “insurrection,” and that this “insurrection” was incited by Donald Trump. Fox News has been much more open to alternative views. And it seems to be paying off big time in the ratings war.

33:15 Bible Study: Man’s Stupendous Purpose (21 minutes)
Herbert W. Armstrong often spoke about people being victims of circumstances around them, drifting through life without any clear direction or purpose. But God has set before us the most stupendous purpose imaginable—that of becoming just like our Father in heaven! That is the awe-inspiring purpose for which He created mankind.

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