It Is a Joke

00:30 The Biden Mantra: ‘Not a Joke’ (17 minutes)

This is a president who is concerned that Americans are not taking him seriously. Yesterday, while promoting his “Build Back Better” plan in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden repeatedly told listeners that his radical, socialist agenda is “not a joke.”

17:45 Biden’s Amtrak Yarn (10 minutes)

During his infrastructure speech in Scranton, Joe Biden also told an elaborate story about a former Amtrak conductor named Angelo Negri. Biden vividly remembers a lively conversation with Negri following the million-miles-flown threshold Biden crossed when he was vice president during the Obama administration. The problem with the story is that the conversation took place after Negri had been dead for more than a year.

27:40 Majority of Americans Question Biden’s Mental Fitness (9 minutes)

A stunning 58 percent of Americans do not believe Joe Biden is mentally fit for his job as president. This has never happened in America’s history.

38:20 Bible Study: ‘The Great Restoration’ (15 minutes)

When the Bible talks about the “restitution of all things,” it’s projecting our minds beyond this present evil world to a time when God will restore what Satan’s rebellion removed from this Earth—God’s loving family government.

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