On the Road to Civilizational Collapse

00:30 A Pandemic of Lies (15 minutes)

We are now living through a pandemic—a pandemic of disinformation and outright lies. In this final, silly stage of our societal decline, everyone has his own personal version of truth.

15:45 The Trump ‘Cult’ (7 minutes)

This is the latest Democratic talking point—echoed by Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff and other prominent spokespeople—that Donald Trump and his followers are members of a dangerous cult. Meanwhile, the Communist infiltrators inside the Democratic Party continue their relentless attack against America’s long-standing traditions and foundational institutions.

23:00 Collapse of America (15 minutes)

Some Americans are beginning to awaken to the reality of what Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied decades ago—that we are “riding to a great fall in the United States.”

38:00 Bible Study: Joint Heirs With Christ (16 minutes)

Many in traditional Christianity simply will not believe what the Bible says about our incredible human potential, because it is so mind-staggeringly stupendous! Could it really be true that God has called us to be joint heirs with His royal Son, Jesus Christ?

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