Joebama and the Fundamental Transformation of America

00:30 Invasion at the Border (15 minutes)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi reinstated the mask mandate in the House of Representatives this week. She also ordered the Capitol Hill police to arrest any staff and visitors who wouldn’t comply. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of migrants are streaming across our open southern border, and many of them are bringing the Wuhan flu with them.

15:30 Support for Joe Biden and His Failing Policies Begins to Wane (25 minutes)

Poll numbers are sagging for the illegitimate Biden administration, and it’s easy to see why: COVID-positive migrants are streaming across America’s southern border, violence and crime are skyrocketing in cities, government spending and inflation are out of control, and lockdowns and mandates won’t go away.

40:00 Bible Study: Grow On With God (14 minutes)

John the Baptist and Jesus Christ waxed strong in spirit, the Bible says, and the Father was with them both. In like manner, God wants His children to grow up spiritually and prepare to teach the whole world.

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