Escape ‘the Biggest Civilizational Catastrophe’

An unidentified man walks past a burning Boston Police car on Tremont Street in Boston on May 31, 2020.
Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Escape ‘the Biggest Civilizational Catastrophe’

America is collapsing. On our city streets, youths are terrorizing people, vandalizing buildings, burning police cars, looting stores and inflicting violence on those who oppose them. Even more shocking, many leaders permit, justify and encourage the destruction! This is what a nation on the verge of collapse looks like.

You may think this crisis erupted after the death of George Floyd. The reality is, it has been building for decades. But it didn’t originate in the halls of government, the university or even the classroom. The chaos on our streets started in our homes. It came from the decades-long breakdown in our families.

In a Fox News interview in July, commentator Heather MacDonald said, “I am going to break a massive feminist taboo here, and say that males matter. Fathers matter. Fathers bring a set of values and norms to child rearing whether it’s self-reliance or self-discipline, honor and courage. On average, it complements what mothers can bring.”

In today’s culture, this sort of language is considered inflammatory, sexist and violent. In this upside-down world, MacDonald is one of the few people still brave enough to state the obvious.

“The anarchy that we have lived through with the looting and the rioting of the last month,” she continued, “has been preceded by a more slow-motion anarchy and breakdown, which is the breakdown of the family because our prisons today are filled almost exclusively with fatherless men” (emphasis added).

MacDonald is exactly right: This has been slow-motion breakdown of the family! Children unloved, untaught and undisciplined in the home have become unhappy, unenlightened, unrestrained adults. Uncontrolled tantrums in the home have become Molotov cocktails hurled at police. Children never taught to be grateful have become rioters who loot what they can and burn what they can’t, even though they live in the wealthiest, freest, most blessed nation in world history.

Stability, discipline, happiness, gratitude, productivity, kindness: these qualities need to be learned. And they need to be taught in the home by loving, God-fearing parents.

MacDonald called the breakdown of the family the “biggest civilizational catastrophe that we’re facing today.” She said that breakdown is the “root of the spiraling crime, insane drive-by shootings that we see in the inner city, and the destruction of human potential.”

With an urgent tone, MacDonald said, “It’s a hard thing to turn this around, but we have to.” She’s absolutely right.

What she doesn’t know is that family breakdown, and the resultant societal breakdown, were prophesied. Isaiah 3:12 describes a society in which children “oppress” and women “rule.” Men, fathers and husbands, aren’t even mentioned in that verse! The family has been turned upside down and as a result, society has been turned upside down!

Thankfully, it does not have to be this way in your home. It should not be this way in your home! God gives instruction that will help you escape “the biggest civilizational catastrophe,” and build a strong, stable family.

That includes learning how to love your children God’s way, which takes unselfishness, patience, positivity, encouragement, vision and many other virtues. It includes teaching and training them in the way they should go. It includes guiding and correcting them as necessary. Above all it means getting your family structure right. The Bible provides marvelous detail about the God-ordained roles within the family (e.g. Colossians 3; Ephesians 5; 1 Timothy 3). The emphasis is on the husband and father ruling the household well. If the house is not ruled well, the results are catastrophic! A breakdown in the home leads to the breakdown of cities and society as a whole.

God sent a man in this end time in the spirit of Elijah to “restore all things” to the Church (Matthew 17:10-11). God said this man “shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers” before Christ’s return (Malachi 4:6). This beautiful scripture is talking about protecting, maintaining and strengthening the family structure! It is about getting our families right in the context of Jesus Christ’s imminent return! Why? Because God’s Family is going to be leading in the World Tomorrow. God is working with people right now who will be able to help Him in building excellent families during the Millennium and beyond. That starts with teaching them how to do this in their own physical families today.

This prophesied role was fulfilled by Herbert W. Armstrong. He taught and wrote extensively on how to build strong families. Since his death in 1986 we have carried on that work. As a starter to help you get your family life in order, we would like to offer you a free book: Child Rearing With Vision. This book will show you how to raise a family God’s way. Teaching God’s law and administering God’s government in the home is key to a happy, fulfilled life—and it trains you to teach and administer God’s way of life in the World Tomorrow!

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Is God Able to Correct You?

What would work for our society—if only people would heed—will work in your life.

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Guttenberg Once Again Has a Doctorate

Former Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg during the Ludwig-Erhard Summit in January
Getty Images/Angelika Warmuth/dpa

Guttenberg Once Again Has a Doctorate

Will this redemption pave the way for his political comeback?

Former Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was a rising star in German politics. But that changed in 2011 when it was revealed he had copied a large portion of his doctoral thesis at the University of Bayreuth. At the time, many hoped Guttenberg would regain the trust of the German people and perhaps even pursue a doctoral thesis legally.

This has now happened. Could a political comeback be next?

During his time in politics, Guttenberg was greatly admired for his eloquence and the many positive characteristics of the nobility with which he is associated. He was seen as honest, a man who could talk straight to the people without hiding behind political phraseology. But critics accused him of being vain and stubborn. Even when his plagiarism was exposed, he long refused to admit his error.

Today, Guttenberg gives the impression of a prodigal son who has learned a great deal of humility.

The fact that he submitted a new thesis in 2018 to the faculty of economics, law and art at Southampton Business School and was accredited a doctorate from the British University of Southampton some time ago wasn’t made public until August 12. Why? Because, Guttenberg told Funke media group, “I did not do my doctorate for the public and certainly not for a political comeback, which I certainly no longer aim for, but solely for very personal reasons. That’s why I don’t want to say anything more about it, except that I’m very grateful that I got this second chance.”

Many in the academic field indeed wondered if Guttenberg would be granted a second chance. Once someone has fallen in disgrace, other universities generally hesitate to restore such a one’s honor as it would affect their own reputation as well. At the time it was concluded that Guttenberg’s best chance to find redemption would be abroad. Guttenberg found that at a British university.

Guttenberg’s nearly 500-page publication is now posted on the website of the prestigious British University of Southampton. German economist Richard Werner is said to have supervised the dissertation and rated it as “excellently researched,” according to Bild.

The subject of his thesis is most interesting: “an analytical reconsideration of the nature, scope and significance of correspondent banking and its application in historical precedence and selected case studies.” After leaving politics, Guttenberg moved his family to the United States with the stated purpose of studying this particular subject in greater detail.

While in the U.S., he also worked as a distinguished statesman at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (csis) in Washington, D.C. The csis website claims that “he led a high-level trans-Atlantic dialogue initiative focused on global trends and current political, economic, financial and technology issues.”

Guttenberg also founded Spitzberg Partners, a consultant and advisory company, through which he made himself a name among ceos, innovators and politicians in the U.S. and Europe.

With his most recent achievement, though, Guttenberg claims to have no ambition for a political comeback. But rumors and speculations of such are at new heights as Guttenberg travels in and out of Berlin, advising politicians on economics and even having private meetings with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Certainly he wouldn’t trade his current career and prestige for a local political office or even a minor ministry, but one can certainly imagine that a higher political office in Germany or in the European Union would appeal to him. In January, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry asked, “Is KT zu Guttenberg About to Come to Power?” Mr. Flurry concluded that his hour may now have come, not just because political events in Germany indicate it, but because of Bible prophecy.

A prophecy in Daniel 8:23 reveals that Europe will get an unusually cunning and strong leader: “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.”

This individual will not come to power through the usual democratic process. The Bible warns that this strongman will enter the scene in a much more unique way: “And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries” (Daniel 11:21).

These prophecies and many others have repeatedly led us to observe Guttenberg very closely.

His recent thesis gives reason to do so all the more. The late theologian Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied that a massive banking crisis in America “could suddenly result in triggering European nations to unite as a new world power larger than … the U.S.” (co-worker letter, July 22, 1984). This unification has been prophesied in various Bible passages. For a detailed explanation on Mr. Armstrong’s Bible-based predictions, request our free booklet He Was Right.

Guttenberg’s new thesis revolves around economics and correspondent banking. Given today’s economic conditions, it is almost inevitable for another economic crisis to hit the U.S. Europe’s response to this crisis will determine if it will fall with the U.S. or replace it as the world’s superpower.

A prophecy in Revelation 17 indicates that at such an hour the people of Europe and the heads of government will put their trust in one man: “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast” (verses 12-13). The stage is being set for this stunning prophecy to be fulfilled.

Guttenberg is in the news again. To understand why we have been pointing to this man for years, even after he left politics, read Mr. Flurry’s article “Is KT zu Guttenberg About to Come to Power?” and request a free copy of A Strong German Leader Is Imminent.

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Trump’s ‘Abraham Accords’ Announces Peace Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

On August 13 at the White House, U.S. President Donald Trump announces an agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel to normalize diplomatic ties.

Trump’s ‘Abraham Accords’ Announces Peace Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

But is there a hidden danger in warming relations with the Gulf states?

Yesterday, Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to a historic peace agreement, marking a stark shift in the Middle East and a critical foreign-policy victory for United States President Donald Trump. Nicknamed the Abraham Accords, the deal will see the full formalization of ties between the nations, including direct flights between the states, exchange of diplomats and embassies, security cooperation and an economic partnership.

“This historic diplomatic breakthrough will advance peace in the Middle East region and is a testament to the bold diplomacy and vision of the three leaders,” read a joint statement by President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. “All three countries face many common challenges and will mutually benefit from today’s historic achievement.”

To this point, the only other Middle East nations to make peace agreements with Israel are Egypt (1978) and Jordan (1994).

The deal with Abu Dhabi is the first time Israel has made peace with an Arab nation that doesn’t share its border and, critically, a powerful Gulf state that is actively fighting against Iranian influence.

A Victory for President Trump

Aside from withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal, mediating this peace agreement is likely President Trump’s most significant foreign-policy achievement of his time in office.

Praise for the deal came from across the board, including the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden. Biden released a statement praising the U.A.E. for taking the “brave and badly needed act of statesmanship,” but claimed the agreement was built upon the work of “past administrations.”

Notorious anti-Trump New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote, “For once, I am going to agree with President Trump in his use of his favorite adjective: ‘huge.’ … It is not Anwar al-Sadat going to Jerusalem—nothing could match that first big opening between Arabs and Israelis. It is not Yasser Arafat shaking Yitzhak Rabin’s hand on the White House lawn—nothing could match that first moment of public reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. But it is close.”

While foreign policy is unlikely to be a key feature of the upcoming election, the peace agreement will shore up President Trump’s evangelical base, which sees American support for Israel as one of the most important issues. A full signing of the agreement at the White House with Netanyahu and bin Zayid present will take place just before the election, reminding the American voter of President Trump’s victory.

A Victory for Prime Minister Netanyahu

For the past year, President Trump’s team has been working closely with Emirati officials and Israeli leaders to solidify warming ties between the states into an official agreement. When the Trump team announced his “Vision for Peace” on January 28 in the White House, he drew special attention to the attendance of the U.A.E. crown prince, highlighting that the deal had at least some endorsement from the Arab world.

However, over the past few months, Israel has aggressively pushed to implement the first part of the agreement, which would see Israeli sovereignty applied to parts of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. The loud noise that Israel was about to have Trump’s blessing of the annexation of West Bank territory caused a chorus of backlash against the deal by the Arab world.

Now, in announcing the deal, the annexation plans for the West Bank have been suspended. “As a result of this diplomatic breakthrough and at the request of President Trump with the support of the United Arab Emirates, Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the president’s Vision for Peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world,” the joint statement read.

The word suspend was deliberately chosen in the text to show that annexation might still happen in the future, but it is off the table for now. And for that act, Israel now has peace with an Arab state.

This is a tremendous victory for Netanyahu and marks a huge shift from the Arabs’ decades-old negotiating position, which conditioned peace with Israel upon the retreat of Israeli forces from the West Bank. Raphael Ahren noted this change in his piece for Times of Israel, “Upending Traditional Views on Peacemaking, Israel-U.A.E. Deal Truly Heralds New Era.” Ahren wrote:

Stunningly, Abu Dhabi’s groundbreaking decision to fully normalize relations with Jerusalem did not require any tangible concessions of Israel. Netanyahu did not agree to withdraw from one centimeter of West Bank territory. He did not evacuate a single settler. He didn’t even have to pay lip service to the idea of Palestinian statehood or pledge allegiance to the two-state solution.

All Netanyahu had to do to clinch a deal few would have thought possible last week was to agree to hold off on unilaterally annexing parts of the West Bank. Not to abandon the plan altogether, but merely wait.

With Prime Minister Netanyahu’s approval rate shrinking in Israel over his handling of the coronavirus and the growing uneasiness of the public over forced annexation, the peace deal with virtually no cost to Israel is a boon for his continued leadership over Israel.

More Peace Deals Soon

The strategic decision to halt the annexation of the West Bank also allowed Mohammed bin Zayed the ability to save face for the agreement. He tweeted, “During a call with President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, an agreement was reached to stop further Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories. The U.A.E. and Israel also agreed to cooperation and setting a roadmap towards establishing a bilateral relationship.”

And with the dam broken on accepting Israel without demanding hard-hitting concessions on the Palestinian issue, other Gulf states could soon follow. Freidman noted:

This deal will certainly encourage the other Gulf sheikhdoms—Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia—all of which have had covert and overt business and intelligence dealings with Israel, to follow the Emirates’ lead. They will not want to let the U.A.E. have a leg up in being able to marry its financial capital with Israel’s cybertechnology, agriculture technology and health-care technology, with the potential to make both countries stronger and more prosperous.

Bahrain is tipped to be the next Gulf state that follows the Emirati lead as early as this year. President Trump said, “Now that the ice has been broken, I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates.”

Formalizing an Anti-Iranian Alliance

As noted by many commentators, one of the main reasons Abu Dhabi is willing to side with the United States and Israel is to create a united front against the rise of Iran.

In some ways, Biden’s comments that past administrations contributed to this deal between Israel and the U.A.E. are accurate, but not for the reason he thinks. The Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran sought to re-create the Middle East where the neighborhood was “shared” between Iran, the Gulf states and Israel. This was a huge shift in American policy that rewarded the terrorist state of Iran while degrading America’s relationship with Israel and the Gulf states. As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in his latest personal, President Obama’s decision to empower Iran to hurt Israel was deliberate.

Terrified by the U.S.’s pro-Iran policy was the U.A.E., which is currently at war alongside Saudi Arabia against the Houthis, an Iranian proxy in Yemen. This growing Iranian power led the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia to partner increasingly with Israel, a nation that was willing to be a bulwark against the growing Iranian empire.

This peace agreement between Israel and the U.A.E. is thus an acknowledgment of the need to counter the radical Islamic state of Iran, rather than evidence of newfound love of the Jewish state. Ghaith al-Omari, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, confirmed this, saying on Thursday, “Iran is at the center of the convergence of interest between Israel and the U.A.E., both of whom see it as an existential threat, and this step will bolster the anti-Iranian axis.”

And because this is a relationship of convenience, Israel should be wary about being overly jubilant over the longevity of a peace deal with any nation in the Gulf.

As stated, this alliance is not motivated by an Emirati change of heart toward Israel, but is an outgrowth of the desire to formalize an anti-Iranian alliance.

Biblical prophecy also shows why Israel should be concerned.

Danger for Israel

In his booklet The King of the South, Mr. Flurry explains that two alliances between Middle Eastern states will form in our day. The first is a radical Islamic alliance led by Iran known as “the king of the south.” Daniel 11:40 mentions that the king of the south has an offensive foreign policy that pushes the region to the brink of war. Other nations included in this alliance will be Iraq and the nations along the west coast of the Red Sea passageway, as well as Libya.

The second alliance is found in Psalm 83. The psalms are not typically prophetic in nature, but Psalm 83 is different. As Lange’s Commentary and the Anchor Bible relate, there is no case in history where the alliance of nations mentioned in Psalm 83 has ever come together.

“For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee: The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assur also is joined with them …” (verses 5-8).

Many of these ancient names refer to nations that still exist in the same territory. Ishmaelites is the prophetic term for the Arabs of modern Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. And all the Middle Eastern nations listed in this psalm fall into what many consider the “moderate Arab” camp, where mainly Sunni Islam is prevalent today. Also notice that none of the nations mentioned in Daniel 11:40-42 as comprising the king of the south, such as Iran and Egypt, are listed here.

Psalm 83 Alliance

Put together, these two passages of Scripture describe the two alliances forming in the Middle East. One is the pro-Iran alliance and the other, an anti-Iranian alliance.

The Gulf nations that are warming toward Israel, such as the United Arab Emirates, are part of the anti-Iranian alliance. However, although the Psalm 83 alliance may unite to counter Iran’s rise, the Bible reveals that its main purpose will be to fight Israel.

“They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance” (verses 3-4).

These nations, the very ones that Israel is ready to sign a peace deal with, are eventually going to attack Israel.

These verses indicate that the moderate Arabs, in an alliance with Germany, will take “crafty counsel” among themselves to destroy Israel. The scene in Psalm 83 is not one of enemy nations confronting each other in prepared war.

It is one of deception.

An enemy alliance conspires to destroy a double-crossed Israel. And it does all this just after the Iranian-led king of the south has been destroyed.

In this peace deal between the Gulf states and Israel we see all the hallmarks of the fulfillment of this prophecy. And based on these prophecies, we can expect Israel’s relationship with the moderate Arab states in the Gulf to indeed become stronger as they work to counter Iran’s rise. But we can also expect that once the great Iranian threat is defeated, many of Israel’s allies will turn on it in what will be the great double cross of history.

This is what your Bible states will happen. All of these prophecies are explained in Mr. Flurry’s booklet The King of the South—free upon request.

Certainly, it is hard not to celebrate when there are announcements of peace between Israel and Arab states. Yet the Bible tells us to beware when you hear a lot about peace. The Prophet Jeremiah wrote of false prophets “saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace” (Jeremiah 6:14; 8:11). This is especially true when talking about peace in the Middle East.

These prophecies show that long-term peace will not come to the Middle East through this peace deal or future ones with Israel and the Gulf states. But there is comfort in knowing that events in the region are lining up with the prophecies of your Bible.

For more information of where this double cross of Israel involving the Arab states will lead, please request The King of the South.

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Is God Able to Correct You?

What would work for our society—if only people would heed—will work in your life.

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Germans May Lose Their Freedom to Assemble

A woman attends a Sunday service at the Berliner Dom cathedral in Berlin on May 10 amid the covid-19 pandemic.

Germans May Lose Their Freedom to Assemble

Dictating health regulations robs people of not only their free choice but also a free future.

On August 1, thousands of Germans demonstrated against the government’s coronavirus measures. The organizers of “Tag der Freiheit” (“Freedom Day”) claim that the government is misrepresenting the threat of the virus. Around 20,000 protesters assembled, ignoring government-enforced health guidelines.

Because many demonstrators didn’t keep social distancing rules or wear masks, the police broke up the gathering. Of the 1,100 police officers on duty, 18 were injured during the demonstration.

The demonstration has sparked a debate about which is of greater value: people’s freedom to assemble or public health. The response to coronavirus has led to many freedoms and rights around the world being suspended. Many Germans hold these freedoms dear because they lost them less than a century ago to one of history’s most ruthless dictators: Adolf Hitler. At the same time, others are willing to give up those freedoms.

“German politicians have lined up to condemn Saturday’s protests against covid-19 measures,” Deutsche Welle noted on August 3. “There is a heated debate as the freedom of assembly is enshrined in the constitution—but so is protecting public safety.” The government has to ensure the public’s safety, but what happens if the German people disagree with the government’s conclusions or even believe that they are being lied to?

In a survey published on August 8 by the Forsa Institute on behalf of the media group rtl, 91 percent of those surveyed said they had no sympathy for the protesters. “Never in the history of the federal republic has a minority opposed the majority of society as vehemently as in the coronavirus protests in Berlin,” Thomas Schmid noted for Die Welt (Trumpet translation throughout). These people, focused on their own wealth and prosperity, are selfishly taking to the streets, he said.

The media and politicians also criticized the protests. “The irresponsibility of a few is a risk for all of us,” President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a video message on Monday. “If we are not particularly careful now, we are endangering the health of many. And we are also endangering the recovery of our society, our economy, our cultural life. Each and every one of us now has a responsibility to prevent a second lockdown.”

Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht told Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper that she “lacked all sympathy” for the protesters while agreeing that the right to assembly is “an especially valuable legal right.” Berlin Mayor Michael Müller said he believes that “the worst [part of it] is they simply don’t recognize the facts and [are risking] the health of other people.”

People have said that the only reliable source about the public health situation is the government itself. But what if people don’t trust their government in this situation? The government may claim that the people are reacting irrationally, lacking understanding of the science, and underestimating the situation. But if the people are forced to trust their governments, are they still living in a free democracy—with freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, and freedom of assembly?

“In Germany, it’s up to local authorities to make the conditions under which demonstrations are permitted,” Deutsche Welle noted. “Though their hands are tied to a great extent by the German constitution, which enshrines the right to demonstrate except when demos turn violent, if participants are carrying weapons, or if their faces are covered (which of course raises its own legal headache in the coronavirus age).”

The police have been asked to enforce, among other things, social distancing guidelines to guarantee public security. But when the matter is raised to the courts if the protests were illegally suppressed, the judges will evaluate the matter in regards to constitutional violations. As Paulina Starski, a senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, told Deutsche Welle, the courts would rather side with the people’s rights if in doubt, partly due to “Germany’s dark authoritarian past.”

Deutsche Welle wrote:

As Starski added, there is certainly a danger that authorities could use coronavirus prevention measures to curtail constitutional freedoms. “Absolutely,” she said. “The new rules during the hard lockdown led to a situation where the freedom of assembly was, to a large extent, de facto suspended—but subsequent court decisions allowing demonstrations have redressed that balance since then.”

“It’s a basic problem of the coronavirus situation that many constitutional lawyers are discussing because there was a massive political need to act to protect the health of the population,” she added. “Now we’re in a kind of review phase—are there any constitutional guidelines that need to be followed? Because from a constitutional point of view, the tendency is always towards protecting freedom.”

Some of the demonstrators believe in various conspiracy theories. Neo-Nazi organizations have also called for participation in protests, according to Berlin’s senator for the Interior, Andreas Geisel. “Right-wing symbols, such as the Reich flag, had also been displayed openly at several points in the demonstration,” Zeit Online noted.

Even the demo’s name, “Freedom Day,” can be traced back to Germany’s National-Socialist past. A propaganda film by Nazi icon Leni Riefenstahl about the party congress of the nsdap in 1935 was titled “Freedom Day.” The demonstration was also noted to have had anti-Semitic undertones.

In this case, the far-right is using the freedom to assemble to promote symbols of a dictatorship that abolished the same. The demonstrations thus drew on a pool of a peculiar mixture of people. Die Welt noted:

The 2020s have spawned new political movements on the right and on the left that relentlessly pursue their interests—and in some cases arouse doubts about their democratic attitudes. Political parties are not immune to such tendencies either. What’s going on?

Over the weekend, around 20,000 people demonstrated against the coronavirus regulations in Berlin. The mix was bizarre. Rainbow and German Reich war flags were waved. Signs said things like “No to the dictatorship of the New Normal” or “I will not allow my voice to be forbidden,” “Muzzle” or “Worse than the gdr [German Democratic Republic]”. In the sed [Socialist Unity Party of Germany] dictatorship, demonstrations were banned and protesters arrested and detained for a long time. All this is allowed to be said in Germany.

The study “Trust in Democracy,” which was carried out between 2018 and 2020 on behalf of the spd-affiliated Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, nevertheless came to the following result: “Less than half of the people in Germany are satisfied with how democracy in our country works. Two thirds believe that future generations will be worse off. “

While certainly not all demonstrators shared the far-right’s views, all distrust the government.

Far-right mentalities in Germany are on the rise. But the government is gaining more strength and support to enforce “law and order.” Germans are divided. They can see how their nation is changing. Some fear this development; others see it as an opportunity.

Expect circumstances to worsen as the economic conditions in Germany and Europe become more severe. We are likely to see people revolt more and more as fears grow that the crisis has been manufactured to force them into submission. In turn, expect the government to increase its grip on society.

All this leads to the fulfillment of one of the Bible’s most remarkable end-time prophecies.

The Bible reveals that Germans will soon lose many of their freedoms as a strong German state emerges amid political and social chaos. A dictator will use the divide and chaos in Germany and Europe to rise to power. “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up” (Daniel 8:23). Daniel 11:21 reveals how he will come to power: “And in his estate shall stand up a vile person whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote about these prophecies in “Germany—A New King Is Imminent”:

Notice how this man is characterized. He has a “fierce countenance,” meaning he’s mighty, powerful and cruel. He has an “understanding [of] dark sentences.” Clarke’s Commentary says, he’s “very learned and skillful in all things relating to government and its intrigues”—a cunning politician. He inherits the throne of Europe “peaceably,” obtaining his kingdom by “flatteries.” He is crafty and sly, with a brilliant mind and an engaging, attractive personality. The Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary says “the nation shall not, by a public act, confer the kingdom on him, but he shall obtain it by artifice, ‘flattering.’” In other words, a deceived public, or a group of European leaders, likely invites this man into power.

Current conditions in Europe, including the refugee crisis and the turmoil in German politics, provide probably one of the greatest opportunities ever for a new leader to come into power “by flatteries.”

As Germans become increasingly distrustful of the current government, we can expect them to be looking to a new leader, “a cunning politician.”

The conditions we see in Germany right now are laying the groundwork for this momentous prophecy to be fulfilled. Read “Germany—A New King Is Imminent” and request a free copy of A Strong German Leader Is Imminent to learn how this man will come to power and what it will mean for the world. Events in this world are about to take a dramatic turn, but you can be prepared for the coming calamities by understanding these prophecies.


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Who Is Joe Biden’s Running Mate?

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks as his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris looks on during an event at the Alexis Dupont High School on August 12, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Who Is Joe Biden’s Running Mate?

The Democratic Party takes another step toward the radical left.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice president. She will be the first black woman to ever appear on a major party ticket. The Biden campaign announced the pick on August 11, and major media outlets have touted her as a political moderate who will help Democrats reach out to centrist voters.

But how moderate is Kamala Harris?

The California Democrat was born on Oct. 20, 1964, in Oakland, California. Her father, Donald Harris, was a Jamaican-born professor known for his Marxist ideas. A headline from the Stanford Daily reports that Donald Harris was hired at Stanford University after a “six-month, ’round-the-world’ search for the most qualified Marxist professor available.” His papers include “The Black Ghetto as Colony: A Theoretical Critique” (1972) and “Capitalist Exploitation and Black Labor: Some Conceptual Issues” (1978).

Kamala Harris’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was an Indian-born cancer researcher. She met Donald Harris while they were both students at the University of California–Berkeley. Epoch Times journalist Trevor Loudon reports that Donald and Shyamala often participated in civil rights and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations, taking baby Kamala to protests in a stroller.

After her parents divorced, Kamala was raised by her mother. Kamala earned a degree in political science from Howard University in 1986, and a law degree from Hastings College in 1989. She was elected to the United States Senate in 2016.

Throughout her career, Kamala Harris has attempted to distance herself from the Marxist label that clings to her parents. While campaigning for the presidential nomination last year, she told reporters that unlike Sen. Bernie Sanders, she “was not a democratic socialist.” Yet while she may disavow the label “democratic socialist,” her voting record shows she is definitely not a “pragmatic moderate.”

According to an assessment by Voteview, Senator Harris’s voting record is farther left than 99 percent of the Senate. That indicates she is actually more liberal than Senator Sanders and every other senator except one: Elizabeth Warren.

Harris was a co-sponsor of Sanders’s “Medicare for All” scheme to socialize America’s health-care system. She was also a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, a proposed program that purposes to fight global warming by totally eliminating fossil fuel-powered electricity, closing every coal and natural gas power plant in the nation, and transitioning the U.S. economy to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. In a cnn Town Hall in September 2019, Harris stated that she is in favor of banning fracking and offshore drilling (moves that would end U.S. energy dominance). And she has stated that she wouldn’t hesitate to sign an executive order banning all “assault weapons” if she were president.

Such proposals would have rendered a candidate unelectable a few years ago. But today, the Democratic Party views them as the agenda of a “pragmatic moderate.”

Joe Biden’s appointment of Kamala Harris as his running mate is just the latest step in the Democratic Party’s move to the left. This radical shift has been ongoing since supporters of the New Left movement hijacked the 1972 Democratic Convention. But recently it has intensified to the point that Democrats may start losing public support as the silent majority of Americans become fearful of how radically far left Democrats have become. If the party becomes smaller and radicals remain in control, it may begin acting even less like a mainstream political party and more like a vanguard revolutionary party.

Decades ago, Plain Truth editor in chief Herbert W. Armstrong warned that the far left would strip America of its blessings—the greatest national blessings ever conferred on any people. He said this would happen not because socialists outmaneuvered conservatives, but because the American people have turned away from God’s law. In particular, he warned that Communist thought would pervert America’s morals, sabotage its educational system, wreck its social structure, destroy its spiritual life, and weaken its economic power.

“Why are our people unable to recognize the Communist line—the Communist plan and conspiracy—in college and university riots, in propaganda accusing ‘police brutality,’ in ‘black power,’ ‘black panther’ and other slogans, even in ‘civil disobedience’ and ‘nonviolent’ movements of protest which lead to violence?” he asked in the March 1969 Plain Truth. “The guiding hand in student revolt is the Communist Party. Many students, their emotions stirred and enraged to violence, do not themselves realize this. Yet actually, these young leaders of the ‘New Left’ movement are going beyond the Communist Party. Their plan is to stir up college-age students to revolt first, and the teenage high school adolescents. If they can corrupt and/or win over tomorrow’s students, they will gain control.”

Five decades after Mr. Armstrong wrote these words, the leaders of the Democratic Party are the ideological—in some cases literal—children of 1960s student radicals.

Both Barack Obama and Kamala Harris were raised by Marxist ideologues before they became influential leaders in American politics. Mr. Armstrong’s forecast is coming to pass because it was based on Bible prophecy. Hosea 7:8 predicts that the modern-day descendants of ancient Israel would mix themselves with foreigners and foreign ideologies. The far-left ideas put forward by the Democratic Party today are not based on traditional American culture, which is largely based on the Bible. They are ideas that were brought to America from German, Russian and Chinese universities. The leaders of the Democratic Party are now “going beyond the Communist Party” and shifting their party even further toward economic socialism and cultural Marxism. Their strategy can only lead to violence as socialist revolutionaries seek to destroy the current system and replace it with another.

To understand the biblical significance behind the Democratic Party’s shift left, read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s free reprint article “Communism in America Today.”


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New York, Nevada Experience Mail-in Voting Debacle

A woman walks into a Brooklyn post office on August 5.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New York, Nevada Experience Mail-in Voting Debacle

The Democrats’ obsession with voting by mail exposes the breakdown in America’s rule of law.

New troubles with mail-in voting continue to shed light on how the radical left may challenge results of the United States election in November.

In an interview with Fox & Friends on August 5, President Donald Trump expressed concern that certain states, which are unprepared to handle the sheer volume of postal traffic generated by mail-in voting, want to “blanket the state” with ballots to the extent that “everyone who ever walked is going to get one.” Certain states such as Florida, he acknowledged, have spent years building strong postal infrastructure and are able to conduct absentee voting to some degree. Many states, however, have not built sufficient infrastructure but still want to send ballots to everyone.

Several recent examples show that mail-in voting could cause serious delays in counting ballots.

New York’s June 23 Democratic primary election pitting Joe Biden against Bernie Sanders is a case in point. Even without the added contentions of rival political parties, the result was called into question. More than 84,000 mail-in ballots had to be invalidated for various reasons, including lack of postmarks, missing signatures and late submissions. This amounted to 21 percent, or 1 in every 5 votes, becoming null and void.

Then a federal judge got involved. On August 3, a New York judge ruled that all ballots sent in up to two days after the election should be counted as long as they had been postmarked by the day of the election. This was extended to cover the entire state of New York. Meanwhile, the State Board of Elections launched an appeal against the ruling.

Nevada’s primary election in February was equally troubled. Clark County, home to the majority of the state’s population, saw more than 223,000 of its ballots invalidated and returned to sender due to bad addresses, according to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which analyzed the votes. This accounted for 17 percent of the county’s total voting population. As President Trump said on Fox & Friends, Nevada is another state that does not have the infrastructure to support universal mail-in voting.

It is easy to invalidate a mail-in ballot for other reasons, too. Issues that can invalidate a ballot include envelopes with a late postmark or no postmark, an unsealed envelope, the voter being unregistered or dead, a signature that does not match the one in the voting database, etc.

Making the mail-in voting system work is highly demanding. The president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation wrote:

New proponents of mail balloting don’t often understand how it actually works. States like Oregon and Washington spent many years building their mail voting systems and are notably aggressive with voter list maintenance efforts. Pride in their own systems does not somehow transfer across state lines. Nevada, New York and others are not and will not be ready for November.

In addition to the logistical issues, there are also cases of voter fraud, which receive little attention in the media. In one of them, the attorney general of New Jersey announced voting fraud charges against two Patterson City councilmen and two other men. The charges against these men include election fraud, unauthorized possession of ballots, falsifying or tampering with public records, and false registration.

If voting issues similar to New York and Nevada occur during the November elections, the result will be called into question. The winner will be challenged as illegitimate. There will be highly politicized debates, possibly riots and violence. In some cases, federal judges would likely rule on the validity of votes, adding even more controversy to the outcome. This, in turn, could lead to more violence and unrest throughout American cities.

President Trump has expressed concerns about election fraud and grossly inaccurate voter databases. He has challenged states that want to pursue mail-in voting, even suing the state of Nevada. Meanwhile, Democrats have either been silent on the issue or, as in the case of Hillary Clinton, accused the president of trying to “sabotage” the election by blaming him for shortcomings of the United States Postal Service.

If some on the left intend to use mail-in voting to cast doubt on a possible Trump victory, it would not be the first time they have tried to do so.

The Trumpet covered the post-election chaos in Florida in 2000. Lawyers got involved after a false report of invalid ballots, and the Supreme Court of Florida decided to take up the case. This resulted in election laws being changed after the election had already happened. It weakened the rule of law and set a dangerous precedent.

In “Justice and Our ‘Evolving Constitution,’” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry highlighted the role of the media and the danger of lawyers getting involved in politics—two of the same issues at the forefront of events today.

His warning rings true today. “The Florida chaos gives us good insight into what will happen all across America if we don’t wake up,” he wrote. “We are evolving into anarchy!”

This November, if states get their way on mail-in ballots, all of America could experience the same problems that Florida did 20 years ago, but at a time when the nation is much more divided and lawless.

There is a reason for the foresight of the Trumpet’s predictions on America’s weakening rule of law. Our forecasts are based on Bible prophecy. The Bible is a book about law. It shows that the punishment for breaking God’s law is death—whether for individuals or for nations. The Bible also reveals that the U.S. would have been destroyed if not for God’s intervention to save America temporarily. The only way to escape that coming punishment is to turn away from lawbreaking.

Do you value the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution? If so, read Gerald Flurry’s free booklet No Freedom Without Law. It explains the deeper cause of the lawlessness affecting America’s electoral and political system, as well as the biblical solution that will finally put an end to the divisions plaguing the United States.