The Selfsame Day!

Gustave Dore/Julia Goddard/Trumpet

The Selfsame Day!

02:00 Exercise Ban (7 minutes)

France experienced its highest daily death toll from the coronavirus yesterday. Of course, that means all outside exercise needs to be banned. The governments of this world are making catastrophic mistakes trying to “save” lives.

09:30 The China Model (9 minutes)

Now that most of the world is in lockdown, a World Health Organization official said last week that the next step to stopping the spread of coronavirus is “to go and look in families and find those people who may be sick and remove them, and isolate them, in a safe and dignified manner.”

18:00 Listener Feedback (7 minutes)

25:00 Bible Study: Coming Out of Sin (30 minutes)

Tonight is the beginning of the Days of Unleavened Bread. Following the Passover, these days picture the next step of God’s plan for mankind—coming out of sin! In this segment, I explain the meaning of the Night to Be Much Observed and why we need to make our own exodus from Egypt, a type of sin!

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