Special Saturday Edition: Lockdown

A San Francisco street, usually filled with iconic cable cars, lays dormant after millions of residents were ordered to stay home to slow the spread of coronavirus as part of a lockdown in California.
JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

Special Saturday Edition: Lockdown

00:30 Satan’s World (13 minutes)

The Bible plainly reveals that Satan is the god of this world. It’s vital that we understand Satan’s main goal and how he carries out his attacks. In this segment, I explain the impact of the real spirit world on current events.

14:00 UK in Wartime (6 minutes)

The United Kingdom is taking unprecedented action to try to stymie the impact of the coronavirus on its economy. Conservative politicians are now leading the rush to socialism. History shows that once these state-run programs start, they very rarely get rolled back. The Spectator wrote this week: “It is the most extensive intervention in the economy ever made by a supposedly free market government anywhere in the world. In effect, we will all soon be working for the government.”

20:00 Saved Temporarily (9 minutes)

An important prophecy in the book of 2 Kings explains why God, in His mercy, is saving the modern nations of Israel.

29:00 Hysteria Hoax (50 minutes)

The coronavirus outbreak was concealed by China throughout the month of December. By the time it started to become known there was an outbreak, the U.S. media was obsessed with impeachment and paid no attention to the virus. When President Trump responded to the outbreak by restricting travel from China, “experts” in the media and even the World Health Organization said the move was counterproductive and xenophobic.

Today, the media are inciting panic over the coronavirus outbreak and putting the blame on President Trump. What is driving their suddenly hysterical reaction? And in another bizarre twist, they’re now praising China for its efforts to contain the virus! We can’t forget that the radical left will stop at nothing to get power—even if it means taking down the world economy.

01:21:00 Encouraging Psalm (9 minutes)

You’re living in the most exciting time in human history! This is the “last time” before Jesus Christ returns! The Bible prophecies of historic troubles and hardships before His return. In this last segment, I go through an encouraging Psalm about God’s promise for protection.

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