Coronavirus: How Should You Respond?

Coronavirus: How Should You Respond?

  • Coronavirus is grinding the world to a halt. Countries are declaring lockdowns, shutting borders, banning public gatherings. Masses of people are being forced to stay home.
  • Hoarding is rampant. Supermarket shelves are empty. Shoppers are panicking. Businesses are being destroyed. Stocks are plunging, ravaging national economies and the global economy.
  • Why is this happening? Is this fulfilling end-time Bible prophecy? Is God angry with mankind? What can we learn from this extraordinary moment?
  • Today we answer these questions and look at some critical lessons we need to take from these events, and talk about what God is teaching us.
  • We also look at what a Christian response to this crisis should be, and how you should respond to act responsibly spiritually.


Coronavirus and Other Modern Plagues in Prophecy
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