Tomorrow’s News Today

Tomorrow’s News Today

00:30 Leaving the Royal Family? (7 minutes)

Harry and Meghan have decided, without discussing it with the Queen, that they’d like to give up their royal duties, move to Canada, and still keep the royal income. Britain’s royal family continues to fall apart. In this segment, I briefly cover the latest royal news and explain why the Trumpet saw these sorts of headlines coming years ago.

07:40 American Media Swoons Over Suleimani (28 minutes)

America’s left-wing media continues to hit new lows. This week, media pundits and analysts on CNN and MSNBC disparaged President Donald Trump while heaping praise on Qassem Suleimani. Most networks wouldn’t even call Suleimani a terrorist. Yet they accuse their own president of being a murderer.

35:00 Europe’s Turn? (20 minutes)

President Trump and many conservatives are calculating how the United States can back out of the Middle East. In a statement yesterday, President Trump said he’d like NATO to do more in the Middle East. A prophecy in Daniel 11 describes an end-time clash between a German-led European power and Iranian-led radical Islam. The United States is not mentioned in the prophecy, meaning the U.S. will soon be leaving the Middle East.

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