The Most Dangerous Man on Earth

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

The Most Dangerous Man on Earth

00:30 Headlines (14 minutes)

A brief look at stories from around the world over the past week.

14:20 Stock Market Surge (4 minutes)

The stock market during Mr. Trump’s presidency is growing at almost double the average pace of past presidents. Mr. Trump’s continued success further infuriates his political enemies.

18:00 Trump Confronts the Radical Left (8 minutes)

President Trump has taken a powerful stand against the evil forces of the radical left. How is it that a billionaire, political outsider from New York City has been so effective at exposing the corruption of the establishment?

26:15 Deep State Media (14 minutes)

For two years, the mainstream media assured the American public that the Steele Dossier was reputable. Networks like CNN and MSNBC repeatedly told us its contents were corroborated by reliable sources and established facts. Now that the dirty document has been fully exposed as a malicious political smear, those who spread the lies should be held to account.

39:00 Bible Study: Personalities That Shaped Our Modern World (15 minutes)

The book of Genesis explains the foundation of our modern civilization. In this segment, I discuss some of the prominent figures of that ancient history who shaped our civilization into what it is today.

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