Indoctrinating Children With a Spirit of Rebellion

Indoctrinating Children With a Spirit of Rebellion

02:09 A House Divided (13 minutes)

As U.S. President Abraham Lincoln famously stated, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” In this segment, we examine the bitter division gripping America today.

15:58 California in Flames (5 minutes)

All across the state, California is being engulfed in flames. Why is this once blessed and prosperous state coming under this destructive curse?

20:10 Brainwashing Children With Books (11 minutes)

Propaganda for radical thinking is now taking the form of children’s books. Our children are under vicious attack, being brainwashed from a young age by the radical left.

31:47 Declaring the Father (23 minutes)

Today’s youth express total disdain for parents and family. In stark contrast, God’s Family will be built around the Father! In this segment, we review God’s family standard, and what it means to declare the Father.

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