Austrian Elections Show Germany’s Future

Elections held in Austria this week hold great significance for Germany and all of Europe.

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz won by a landslide. This is a big deal.

Over the last decade, mainstream parties have been struggling all across Europe. In some cases, parties that once dominated their country’s politics collapsed completely. This seemed to be happening to Kurz’s Austrian People’s Party.

Before Kurz led them to power in 2017, they were polling below 20 percent. Some polls showed them being overtaken in popularity by the far right.

Fast-forward to this weekend, and Kurz has turned that around: It won 37 percent of the vote and Kurz has a whole range of coalition partners to choose from.

How did he do it? That’s a question a lot of European leaders are asking.

Kurz is a strongman. He overturned his party’s organization structure to concentrate power with himself. Then he took personal responsibility for turning the country around. He took voters concerns seriously. He addressed problems of immigration. Until he came along, only the far right dealt with that taboo.

But while he dealt with migration strongly, and he went in coalition with a far-right party, he made sure he never looked like a Nazi himself.

Crucial to this effort was the Catholic Church. Kurz brought a religious-sounding message, promoting Europe’s Catholic heritage. He was close to senior Catholic figures such as Archbishop of Vienna Christoph Schönborn.

In doing this, Kurz became the type of politician Europeans having been crying out for—someone who will stand up for their country, make people proud of their country and deal with the migrant crisis without looking and sounding like a Nazi.

Such is the effect of Kurz’s approach that many within Germany are asking, Where is our Sebastian Kurz? Newspapers are publishing articles like “Five Lessons That Germany Can learn From Austria” and “Is Kurz an Example for the CDU?”, referring to Germany’s main conservative party.

Germany is crying out for someone like him—charismatic, competent, someone who will be proud of Germany’s heritage and deal with the migrant crisis.

The Bible says this man is coming. The Bible has numerous prophecies talking about a strongman who will arise in Germany. He will dominate all of Europe. He will lead the Continent to great power, but also into great atrocities and great danger.

Men like this strongman are already rising up in other European countries like Austria. How long before Germany gets its Kurz?

This is a crucial story to watch. The Bible says this strongman will play a vital role in end-time events. You can learn more about these prophecies, and prove what the Bible says on this subject, in our free booklet A Strong German Leader Is Imminent.