Do the German Police and Army Support the Far Right?

That’s a question many are asking in Germany this week. The head of Germany’s largest police union spoke to the Rheinische Post on Monday about the shift. Jörg Radek said that many police officers “have faced difficulties” after Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the door to migrants in 2015. This “has been expressed in sympathy with the right-wing nationalist political spectrum,” he said. Radek warned that his officers are increasingly supportive of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Merkel’s decision to open the door to migrants “has developed sympathy for the AfD in the federal police. The political aftermath of this is that today federal police officers vote for the AfD.”

Germany’s mainstream-right parties are worried about the trend. One senior Christian Democratic Union leader warned: “We are clearly losing parts of the military to the AfD. We are losing parts of the federal police to the AfD.”

It’s important to remember just who the Alternative für Deutschland is. One of its leaders said that Germany should be “proud” of its “accomplishments” in both world wars and that Germany should stop being afraid of its history. The party criticizes Germany for memorializing the Holocaust.

I believe a lot of people who support the AfD aren’t doing so because of those kinds of statements. But they see immigration causing real problems, and only the AfD will talk about it. But this is dangerous, because it’s opening the door for these people to start asking, If the AfD is right on immigration, is it right about these other things? Is it right to say that the Nazis weren’t as bad as they’re made out to be?

But this story also explains something else. The Bible gives an outline of European history—an outline written thousands of years ago that matches subsequent events exactly. And Revelation 17 tells us that the spirit of Nazism didn’t die at the end of World War ii—it just went underground.

That’s why it’s worrying to see such strong support for these right-wing parties within Germany’s security forces—the police and the army. It’s an indication that the Nazi spirit persists under the surface.

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