Reclaim 49 Days of Screen Time This Summer

Reclaim 49 Days of Screen Time This Summer

06:30 History Is Dying (5 minutes)

Europe is “forgetting the past,” says Moscow’s chief rabbi. Just two generations ago, Europe experienced some of the worst suffering in history. Now the surviving perpetrators and victims are dying off. And their stories are being forgotten.

10:30 Religion of Jeroboam (13 minutes)

Vice President Mike Pence recently delivered a commencement address highlighting the increasing attacks on Christians around the world. In this segment, I talk about the rise of religiously motivated attacks worldwide, and how Bible prophecy foretold these religious clashes would happen.

23:10 Turn Off Your Screens (13 minutes)

The average adult spends 49 days a year staring at his or her cell phone screen. In a one-hour special, Diane Sawyer explores the dangers of screens, how ubiquitous they’ve become, and the effects they’re having on families. In this segment, I encourage listeners to replace screen time this summer with more physical and outdoor activities.

35:40 Conclusion to War of the Wills Bible Study (20 minutes)

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