Thomas Jefferson Was Not a Monster

Thomas Jefferson
Public Domain

Thomas Jefferson Was Not a Monster

00:30 William Barr Vs. Robert Mueller (12 minutes)

The media are still furious that Robert Mueller’s investigation did not bring down President Donald Trump. Now they’re turning on Attorney General William Barr.

13:15 Joe Biden Doubles Down on Trump’s Charlottesville Comments (12 minutes)

Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign with a commercial targeting President Trump’s comments after the 2017 violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. Mr. Trump’s comments have been intentionally taken out of context to make it sound like the president supports white supremacist groups.

25:00 Monticello Visit (30 minutes)

I recently visited the home of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello and was shocked by how the tour guides portray Jefferson so negatively. In this segment, I talk about the assault on America’s founders and the revision of history in general.

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