‘Europe Must Truly Unite’


‘Europe Must Truly Unite’

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I’ll keep this Trumpet Brief actually brief, for once. We’ll play a very quick game of spot the difference.

Here are some excerpts from a Spiegel Online article published Friday evening:

Europe must massively upgrade its conventional forces and take a closer look at its nuclear deterrence capabilities. It must push the Germans and others to spend more on defense, and it must clarify what future role the British will play in security. It must figure out how to protect Eastern Europe, develop its own relationship with Russia, and grapple with cyberthreats, hybrid warfare and autonomous weapons systems. And Europe must truly unite.

But as difficult as that may sound, there is no other way. Europe is at the very beginning of the process—and anyone who claims to have a solution to the immense issues facing the Continent is a con artist. …

It sounds completely unrealistic: a European nuclear shield; a nato in which the Americans are only guests; a European army deployable by the European Parliament; arms exports conducted according to rules that don’t necessarily correspond with Germany’s ideas of a values-based foreign policy; and much greater German commitment. But perhaps that’s just how it is when a new era begins.

Who would have once thought that Germany would ever give up the deutsche mark? We are living in a time when the impossible not only needs to be conceivable, but also attempted.

This is what Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in a 1953 Good News:

Suddenly the world will behold a United States of Europe! Some of the Balkan nations which have been under Russia’s boot will be members of it! Ten dictators in Europe will unite, in a gigantic European combine, turning their united military power and resources over to the new leader of Europe!

Europe’s most popular newsmagazine is calling for exactly the same thing Herbert W. Armstrong forecast 65 years ago.

There’s a lot of interesting material in the Spiegel article. It calls for Europe to take command of nato’s infrastructure, to “just take over the building.” It recommends a “grand bargain” between Germany and France—where France extends its nuclear umbrella over all of Europe and Germany supports France militarily abroad. And the whole thing is full of anger at United States President Donald Trump.

But it’s the call for exactly the same kind of European Union that Mr. Armstrong forecast that is the most interesting. Back when he wrote those words, there was no European Union. The Treaty of Rome, the founding document of what would become the European Union, was four years away. The earliest precursor to the EU—the European Coal and Steel Community—had barely been going for a year.

Yet Herbert W. Armstrong forecast a strong, closely integrated union of powers. As far back as 1945 he even referred to this power as “a European union.” It took the EU until 1992 to start using that term itself.

This is not about a man who is great at forecasting. No man could have written the core of this weekend’s Spiegel article 65 years ago.

Instead, this is about the great God who prophesied all of this thousands of years ago—and used one man to warn the world about the coming power. The Spiegel article confirms the fact that God is real, the Bible is His Word, its prophecies are true, and that He used a man named Herbert Armstrong to publish those prophecies to the world.

This is just one pretty narrow example. The news of the last few decades is full of proof that Herbert W. Armstrong was right.

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