Online Appearance Campaign


Online Appearance Campaign

The following is from the Trumpet Brief sent out yesterday. These daily e-mails contain personal messages from the Trumpet staff. Click here to join the over 20,000 members of our mailing list, so you don’t miss another message.

A big thank-you to the many Trumpet subscribers who joined us for our first live Online Appearance Campaign yesterday! More than 1,000 subscribers from almost 30 countries connected to the campaign, including people from Belgium, Botswana, El Salvador, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Many of those connections were groups of people watching from a single account.

During our hourlong live broadcast, I explained a prophecy about God’s one true Church in modern times and a terrible tragedy inside it that has occurred in our lifetimes! In the 20th century, God raised up a marvelous work through His servant, Herbert W. Armstrong. God used him as a modern type of Elijah (Matthew 17:10-11). But Mr. Armstrong died on Jan. 16, 1986, and most of the people in the Church that God had established through him turned their backs on the truth. This was the great falling away that Paul referred to in 2 Thessalonians. Only a small percentage of God’s people remained faithful.

Today, only one work on Earth clings to the truth. Only one continues the legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong. That is the Philadelphia Church of God, and the Trumpet is one of the fruits of that work. The Trumpet continues the legacy of the Plain Truth, which Mr. Armstrong established to give God’s biblical perspective on personal, national and international events.

The Philadelphia Church of God is raising the ruins of the work God did through Mr. Armstrong, through the Trumpet and in many other ways, as I showed in a short video at the end of the campaign.

Some of the Thessalonians mistakenly believed that Christ was about to return in their day. The Apostle Paul wrote the letter of 2 Thessalonians to remind them that God prophesied that certain events had to occur before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Those events have now occurred! The great falling away is a major proof that we are living in the end time. It means that the return of Jesus Christ is now at the door!

With that urgency in mind, we need to take action. God’s faithful remnant must hold fast to God’s truth—but more than that, we have to dispense it, as Paul wrote in Ephesians 3:9. God’s Church has a responsibility to blow the trumpet of this message to the world, and the Trumpet is one of the ways we do that.

During the campaign, I also announced some new developments in God’s work. First of all, we have updated the Philadelphia Church of God website. Visit to see the redesigned website and some exciting new features.

We also have a brand-new e-mail newsletter to offer you, in addition to the Trumpet Brief. It is called pcg Signposts, and it will give you a weekly update from the website, containing a message from my father, articles filled with biblical instruction on Christian living, news of pcg projects, and special offers of free literature. Hundreds of people have already signed up for this new e-mail service since the new website went live on Friday. If you sign up for pcg Signposts, within the next couple of days, you will be among those who receive the very first issue of this newsletter. Sign up by clicking here.

I also announced the updated Trumpet website, which went live today. We are excited to share the new layout with you, which draws attention to some products of the work that we are very excited about.

God’s work is always growing and moving forward! The same must be true in our personal lives as true Christians.

We hope that this Online Appearance Campaign was only the first of many! If you missed the campaign or want to watch it again, the content will be available on the website in the coming weeks.

We have received more than 200 messages from people who watched the broadcast yesterday. Here are a few of them (lightly edited for clarity):

  • Florida: “I stopped my 18-wheeler on my way down to Florida to watch your Personal Appearance Campaign. It’s a blessing and a much-needed prodding that I needed. Pray that I have the desire to make the necessary changes in my life and to support God’s work. Thank you so very, very much.”
  • Singapore: “How exciting to see you ‘live,’ thundering God’s message. Thank you for [reviewing] the history of the last two eras of Church history. A marvelous reminder of the momentous work God did through Mr. Armstrong. Very much looking forward to future ‘live’ telecasts from you, proclaiming God’s vision of hope!”
  • Vietnam: “I am watching the live broadcast from Vietnam, and my family is watching from South Africa. We are a total of 5 people. I appreciate all the spiritual food that I am able to receive; thank you for this additional nourishment.”
  • Colombia: “What a wonderful way of sending God’s message to the world. I am watching from Colombia, South America. God bless your efforts to teach us and those whom God is calling at this time and warning the world about what is coming soon.”
  • South Africa: “We’ve been looking forward to this pac for a long time. The video is clear and crisp. Well done to all involved to make this live broadcast possible. May all that hear this message act on this truth.”
  • Tennessee: “Thank you for sharing this revelation, prophecy and invaluable education with us. We are a family of five …. We appreciate the technological advances we are seeing happening over the last few years with this program. Seeing Mr. Stephen Flurry present these astounding truths is an experience we cannot get anywhere else. Thank you for reaching the largest audience possible and giving this family great conversations to talk about together. You guys are in our prayers always.”
  • California: “It’s 8:40 a.m. here in California, and we are enjoying watching the live broadcast. My husband is in bed suffering with the flu, but nothing would stop him watching this!!”
  • Canada: “Absolutely wonderful, I have been waiting for this ever since it was announced. …”
  • Australia: “Greetings from Brisbane in the early hours of the morning. It’s so exciting to see this incredible tool that God has provided for the work be used to reach those largest audiences possible. …”
  • Botswana: “The time here in Botswana is 18:50 hours, and the reception is very clear. Clearly, God’s hand is in this project. Keep up the good work.”
  • Jerusalem: “Thanks so much for putting this together. All four of us watching here in Jerusalem, Israel. Hopefully there are more from Israel too! Exciting to see the number watching livestream tick upward over a thousand! Another new beginning for God’s work.”
  • Canada: “Our family is watching you live from Ottawa, Canada, and loving it. Excited to be a part of this historic first ever online campaign!!”
  • Brazil: “A big hello from Brazil, Mr. Flurry! What a great wonder we are part of! Thank you so much to all involved for warning and teaching the world the truth, the Word of God.”
  • The Philippines: “Just done watching the one-hour Online Appearance Campaign of Stephen Flurry via my mobile phone, which started 12:00 midnight, Philippine Standard Time, February 25. … Here’s hoping that PCG will even tap into more of the wonders of this modern technology so the world will know the imminent coming of Jesus Christ, like what Stephen Flurry just preached. More online ‘live’ appearance campaigns!”
  • Trinidad: “… I’m presently in Orlando listening to the live program from my hotel room. Didn’t want to miss this no matter what part of the world I’m in.”
  • The Bahamas: “I’m here listening in the Bahamas, thankful to be a part of God’s work and thankful for the technology that is available for us to stay connected to the radio station and”
  • The Netherlands: “Two of us watched on our laptop the live appearance campaign in the Netherlands. It was wonderful to see such a strong message go out! Makes us thirst for more … and pray that this will impact all that watch it.”
  • Kenya: “Thank you very much for the Online Appearance Campaign; just finished watching from Kenya with my family. Looking forward to more online programs.”
  • Mexico: “We enjoyed the transmission here in Monterrey, Mexico ….”
  • South Africa: “Would like to thank you for an inspiring and rejuvenating online campaign. It’s exciting to hear about new developments in the work. We will continue to pray for more open doors and that our Father will invigorate us to finish this race so that we can hasten the return of Jesus Christ.”
  • Nigeria: “I’m very excited to be a part of the very first Online Appearance Campaign, and I’m looking forward to more online campaigns in the very near future. … Thank you so much for the work that pcg is doing and for the eternal impact you are making in the lives of many around the world.”
  • Zimbabwe: “Thank you for the live program; we are watching from Zimbabwe with my family. Keep up the good work.”
  • “I just watched your oac. It was wonderful! Thank you so much! It was absolutely compelling; it was as if you were speaking to me personally! I really think God has been leading me to seriously consider contacting you about meeting with one of your ministers. I just feel I must do something with this information.”
  • North Carolina: “Our family of three watched the pac and found it very inspirational as we continue to support raising the ruins. Thanks for adding in the voice of Herbert W. Armstrong, a wonderful reminder of days of our youth in the [Youth Opportunities United] program back in Worldwide. Also remembering the books and booklets that were done away with, now available because of that 6-year court battle.”
  • Sri Lanka: “Thank you for the live broadcast. I watched from Sri Lanka. I agree with the message that many of us have lost the sense of urgency. Your messages keep me focused on what is happening and helps me keep focus on what really matters.”
  • Iran: “Woke up early to watch it but my vpn failed. Tweeting from … Iran.”
  • Colorado: “I was online live with your broadcast this morning. I really did appreciate the hard work you and your staff have put into bringing this to us.”
  • “Our family excitedly tuned in at 10 a.m. from our home in the Midwest U.S. to watch the first online pac! What courage it takes to pilot such a production! What a faithful endeavor! Thank you and the crew for your diligent efforts!”
  • Florida: “Thank you from Bay Pines, Florida (in the center of Saint Petersburg, FL). We received the video broadcast, and it was worth the wait.”

Thank you all for being part of this worldwide work!