Smartphones Are Making Our Children Dumb

Smartphones Are Making Our Children Dumb

03:15 Washington Post Super Bowl Commercial (7 minutes)

The Washington Post ran a $5 million commercial during the Super Bowl to remind Americans that the mainstream media are taking good care of democracy. The irony is that papers like the Washington Post are at the front line propagating some of the most divisive stories in America—some of which are outright fake news.

10:30 President Trump’s Latest on Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory (5 minutes)

19:00 Smartphones Dumbing Down Our Children

Smartphones have become universal in our society for the better part of the last decade. And now the studies are pouring in about the devastating effect this technology has had on the oncoming generation.

30:00 Esprit de Corps (25 minutes)

For the second half of today’s show, listen to a Bible study about the importance of maintaining high morale in our spiritual warfare.

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