Descent Into Barbarism

From the November 2005 Trumpet Print Edition

It didn’t take long for a thriving American city to turn into a chaotic, lawless mess.

Monday, Aug. 29

Katrina, weakened to a Category 4 hurricane, blazes through Louisiana. New Orleans appears to escape the brunt of its force.

Tuesday, Aug. 30

Levees break, flooding an estimated 80 percent of the city, with water up to 20 feet deep. The looting begins—thieves steal everything from jewelry to electronics to guns in broad daylight. The same day, a police officer assisting in a rescue operation is shot in the head by a robber.

Thursday, Sept. 1

Officers report people have been raped, beaten and shot as New Orleans descends into anarchy. Several military helicopters, attempting to rescue people, are shot at. National guardsmen are dispatched in greater numbers to attempt to restore order.