Merkel Starts to Say Goodbye

Europe’s leadership vacuum becomes more acute.

Germany has been dominated by one story this week: the demise of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Just like we talked about last week, her party took a beating in state elections in the German state of Hesse on Sunday. And so on Monday, Ms. Merkel laid out her retirement plan.

Her party is due to vote on a new party leader in December. Previously it was assumed Ms. Merkel would continue to be that leader. But she announced she would not stand in the elections but would hand the reins to someone else.

She wants to remain chancellor until the next election, scheduled for 2021. After that, she plans to retire completely from politics.

There’s a good chance she won’t get her way. If an ally is voted party leader in December, she may have a shot at it. If it’s someone opposed to her, he or she may try and unseat her from the chancellery. And the Social Democrats, her coalition partners, could bring down her coalition any time.

Regardless of what happens in the immediate future, the Bible tells us what is coming next. It is full of prophecies of a strong leader rising in Europe. Daniel 8:23 calls him “a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences.”

The Bible also describes how he will come into power. Daniel 11:21 says the people shall not give this figure “the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.”

Barnes’ Notes on the Old and New Testaments states, “[I]n other words, it should not be conferred on him by any law or act of the nation, or in any regular succession or claim.”

“This man doesn’t come to power the honorable way—by being voted into office,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in November 2002. “He takes it dishonorably! He will work behind the scenes and come to power by flatteries—not votes!”

In the Good News magazine of May 1953, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote, “[I]t is probable that none but a German can provide the dynamic, inspired leadership required to organize such a political military federation.”

Merkel’s resignation sets the stage for this perfectly. She’s now a lame-duck leader at a time of great uncertainty. Just look at some of the headlines that have come out this week:

  • “Europe’s Coming Year of Reckoning”
  • “As Merkel Eyes Exit, Nervous EU Wonders Who’ll Take the Stage”
  • “Europe’s Empty Throne”

All Europe needs is a strong leader in Germany right now. Merkel can no longer be that leader. German politics have splintered, with extreme parties taking a substantial proportion of the vote. It cannot provide a strong leader. None of the leading candidates for Ms. Merkel’s replacement excite any enthusiasm among Germans.

There’s a leadership vacuum in Europe and traditional politics cannot fill it. The stage is set perfectly for the Daniel 11 strongman we’ve forecast for years. He may not arrive on the scene in December, but the conditions the Bible said would help lead to his arrival are here.

You can learn more about this strongman and what the Bible says about him in your free copy of A Strong German Leader Is Imminent. It will help you understand what the Bible forecasts for the immediate future in Europe and around the world. It will tell you who we think this strong leader may be. And it will explain the dramatic and hope filled conclusion of all these events.

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Will Israel’s Arab Outreach Backfire?

Plus, another Iranian assassination plot is foiled in Europe.

It was a scene unthinkable just weeks ago: an Israeli cabinet minister, tears of joy filling her eyes, proudly singing her country’s national anthem at a sports event in the heart of the Arab world. The spectacle of Miri Regev singing “HaTikva,” which describes the Jewish yearning for a homeland in Zion, was just one in a series of taboo-busting public appearances by Israeli officials in Gulf Arab states that have thrust the once-secret back channels of outreach into public view.

That is how the Qatari-based Al-Jazeera described the events of the last week. Miri Regev attendance at the Judo tournament was only one piece of positive public relations for Israel this week.

Two days before the tournament, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an unannounced visit to Oman, where he met with the sultan. This was the first visit by an Israeli leader in more than 20 years to the tiny Gulf state, a United States ally that has facilitated negotiations between the U.S. and Iran.

Israel’s transportation minister, Yisrael Katz, is scheduled to head to Oman next week for a transportation conference where he plans to present his plan for a rail link between Gulf Arab countries and Israel.

What can we expect of this thawing relationship between Israel and the Gulf states?

While it is positive to see Oman’s seemingly sincere acceptance of Israel, as well as the other overtures in Dubai, it is debatable how long these warming relations will continue given the unchanged attitudes of the Arab populations against Israel.

Based on Bible prophecy, we expect warming ties between Israel and the Arab states, especially due to mutual concerns about Iran’s rise. However, the Bible indicates that this relationship will be short-lived. A latter-day prophecy in Psalm 83 says an alliance of Arab states and Germany will actually cozy up to Israel, but that their intentions are anything but familial. To learn more about this coming double cross, read our article “A Mysterious Prophecy.”

Iran Planned Another Assassination Inside Europe

On Tuesday, Denmark announced it had interrupted an Iranian plot to carry out assassinations of Iranian dissidents on Danish soil. This is the second Iranian plot that has been foiled this year on mainland Europe. On October 26, France expelled an Iranian diplomat over a plot in June to attack an opposition rally.

On the same day, Denmark recalled its ambassador from Iran. Denmark now wants the European Union to impose new sanctions on Iran. But such a response against a clearly belligerent and dangerous Iran is far from the norm in Europe—at least so far.

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial about this this week:

Even as Iranian hit squads are setting up shop across the Continent, the European Union is displaying a fundamental lack of seriousness about a country uninterested in distinctions between bombs, missiles and assassinations.

However, as more of these Iranian actions continue to surface, Europe may start to see Iran’s true colors. Bible prophecy indicates that Europe will indeed wake up to Iran’s designs and will eventually have had enough. The book of Daniel shows that it is a German-led Europe that will stand up to Iran’s pushing.

The rapid succession of Iranian assassination plots in Europe can only push Europe toward this inevitability.

To learn more about this prophecy of Europe’s swing from pacifism toward confrontation in regards to Iran, please read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s booklet The King of the South.

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The Politics of Vengeance

U.S. Representative Maxine Waters at a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee in the Rayburn Building
Getty Images

The Politics of Vengeance

Listen to the November 2, 2018 episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

At a rally earlier this week, Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters described what she would do to her opponents when she becomes chair of the Financial Services Committee. This, of course, assumes the Democrats win back the House. Waters said, “What am I going to do to you? What I am going to do to you is fair. I’m going to do to you what you did to us.” This is the new guiding principle of the American left. As one commentator noted, it’s governance by retribution. How will America survive the politics of vengeance? What does the future hold? For this and more, listen to today’s broadcast.

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Brazil Aligns With the Holy Roman Empire

Jair Bolsonaro
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Brazil Aligns With the Holy Roman Empire

Since Brazil is dominated by the same religious system as the European Union, it will likely be part of the revived Holy Roman Empire.

The following is from the Trumpet Brief sent out yesterday. These daily e-mails contain personal messages from the Trumpet staff. Click here to join the over 20,000 members of our mailing list, so you don’t miss another message.

A new leader is preparing to upend Brazil’s foreign policy. In one of the most contentious elections in Brazil’s history, Ret. Army Capt. Jair Bolsonaro was elected president. He won 55 percent of the vote in a runoff election on October 28, beating out his socialist rival, Fernando Haddad.

As an avowed Catholic who often attends Baptist religious services, Bolsonaro draws support from both Catholics and evangelical voters. Yet many others staunchly oppose the conservative politician who has voiced sympathy for the military dictatorship that ran Brazil from 1964 to 1985, and who has pledged to give Brazilian police officers more latitude to shoot and kill criminals.

Here at the Trumpet, we are concerned about how Bolsonaro’s election fulfills Bible prophecy. The book of Revelation prophesies that 10 kings (or dictators) will partner with a false church and lend it their political and military power.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong explained in his classic booklet Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast? that these 10 kings are 10 authoritarian leaders who will reign over a union of 10 European nations in the tumultuous days before Jesus Christ’s return. Roman Catholicism will be the ideological glue that binds these 10 nations together. That religion will also bind other nations to this empire. Brazil has the largest population of Catholics in the world. The Holy Roman Empire colonized Brazil and the rest of Latin America in the 16th century. Based upon these facts, Mr. Armstrong prophesied for decades that Europe would develop an increasingly powerful alliance with South America.

Bolsonaro is a populist who rails against the political establishment, like many of the populist strongmen currently rising to power in Eastern Europe. He is advised on foreign policy by Prince Luiz Philippe de Orleans e Braganca, a royal descendant of both Holy Roman Emperor Francis ii and Brazilian Emperor Pedro ii. Both Braganca and Bolsonaro are concerned about the growing influence of China and want Brazil to draw closer to Europe and the United States.

Brazil’s pivot from China to the West may actually be good news for the U.S. in the short term, but the Bible reveals that it will ultimately be Catholic Europe that reaps the rewards of this geopolitical shift.

Revelation 17 and Isaiah 47 refer to the combined religious and political power of the Holy Roman Empire. The church known as “Mystery, Babylon the Great” in Revelation is referred to as the “daughter of Babylon” and the “lady of kingdoms” in Isaiah. Because God is “wroth” with the modern descendants of ancient Israel for their sins, He turns them over to this power, which shows them no mercy.

Since Brazil is dominated by the same religious system as the European Union, it will likely be part of the revived Holy Roman Empire.

“Herbert Armstrong long prophesied, and we expect, the alliance between Europe and South America to grow extremely strong,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in Isaiah’s End-Time Vision. “The most significant factors that will cement this connection are religion and language: Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion of Latin America …. But it will not be a union of equals: The Latin American countries will become vassal states to Europe!”

President-elect Bolsonaro, the Catholic elites who back him, and the European aristocrats who advise him are all signs that Brazil will soon align itself with a revived Holy Roman Empire. Anyone who knows the bloody history of this empire knows this is terrifying news for the near future. Yet as Revelation 17:14 says, the Lamb shall overcome” this empire “for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings.”

To learn more about the central role that the Holy Roman Empire and its allies are prophesied to play in world events, please read our free book The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy.

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Germany Celebrates Charlemagne

The Imperial Crown
Getty Images

Germany Celebrates Charlemagne

Inside European cathedrals is the glorification of a heritage that should trigger nightmares.

Charlemagne. The king. “The Great.” The eighth-century ruler who united much of Western Europe under a theocracy known as the Holy Roman Empire. Today he’s celebrated as a model for Europe to follow. But is Charlemagne’s heritage something to celebrate?

From September 23-30, the Aachen Cathedral, founded by Charlemagne, celebrated its 40th anniversary as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (unesco) World Heritage Site. About 73,000 people attended the weeklong festival, which involved church services, concerts, cultural events, lectures, pilgrimages, tours, a poetry slam, music and a special light show. The focus was Charlemagne’s legacy.

Germans thronged the streets to participate in the biggest celebration in the cathedral’s recent history. But what were they really celebrating?

Charlemagne’s Founding Work

The cathedral is a symbol of how Charlemagne united Europe politically and religiously. The anniversary celebration included political and religious speakers. The ceremony’s opening service was led by Aachen’s bishop, Dr. Helmut Dieser. Following his sermon, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and North-Rhine Westphalia State Premier Armin Laschet delivered opening remarks.

“Aachen is special,” Steinmeier said. “If a federal president comes to a place twice in half a year, there must be something special” (Trumpet translation throughout). During Steinmeier’s previous visit, he went on an in-depth tour of the cathedral, which houses Charlemagne’s throne. Although Charlemagne was a political emperor, he set his throne in the middle of this Catholic cathedral.

The cathedral was initially built as Charlemagne’s palace chapel from a.d. 793 to 813; it later extended to the cathedral that stands today. “The contemporaries declared the Palatine Chapel a miracle of architecture–half divine, half human in origin,” the German Commission for unesco stated.

While the cathedral was under construction, Charlemagne was on a military campaign slaughtering, subjecting and converting the people of Saxony. While extending his realm, Charlemagne commissioned Aachen to build the cathedral that was later dedicated to “Mother Mary.”

But the citizens of the city soon found themselves lacking the funds to finish the work. According to myth, the desperate citizens of Aachen entered a pact with the devil: He promised to provide the funds, and the Aacheners promised him the first “soul” that would enter the cathedral—Pope Leo iii. In the end, the legend recounts, the devil was fooled and Charlemagne’s cathedral was built.

This legend served as the introduction of the weeklong Aachen celebration. On the eve of September 23 and every evening that followed, the story of the cathedral, beginning with the legendary pact, was recounted in a spectacular light show. A 15-minute 3D presentation was projected onto the cathedral, recounting this story and the cathedral’s particular connection to the people of Aachen.

Viewers watched how the building transformed over the centuries and how various kings and emperors were crowned therein. Many who viewed it said they were particularly moved when they saw this most venerated cathedral under attack as Allied forces bombed the city at the end of World War ii.

Besides concerts, shows and entertainment, the celebration also portrayed a powerful message for Germany today.

Charlemagne and the Reemergence of the Roman Empire

The German unesco commission described Aachen Cathedral as “an artistic and architectural masterpiece. It is seen as a symbol of the unification and the reemergence of Western Europe after the end of the Roman Empire.” In his speech, Steinmeier said:

For it was above all here that Charlemagne formulated his claim to take on the legacy of the Roman Empire. [Later cathedrals] are all stone testimonies of the same claim. They in essence say: We here, we are the real and legitimate heirs of Rome, the Roman Empire. Understandably the empire has become Christian with Constantine being the first Christian emperor.

Charlemagne saw himself as heir of the fallen Roman Empire and worked vigorously to revive it. In the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed that Germany had inherited the task of reviving the Roman Empire. Out of the ashes of the Roman Empire rose the “Holy” Roman Empire of the German nation. “Holy” due to the empire’s alliance with the Roman Catholic Church.

The shrine of Charlemagne at its new place within the Aachen Cathedral on July 22, 2015.
Oliver Berg/Getty Images

In his book The Rotten Heart of Europe, Bernard Connolly writes that most European Union leaders are again working to “re-create the empire of Charlemagne.” Indeed, several European leaders have openly embraced Charlemagne as a model for Europe’s future. Yet as Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes in his booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire, this should be worrying. In a recent article, he stated:

Each year since 1950, the German city of Aachen, where Charlemagne lived and is buried, awards the Charlemagne Prize to an individual who has served the cause of European unification. I attended the award ceremony in 1997, when former German President Roman Herzog received it. In his acceptance speech, Dr. Herzog said, “Charlemagne, after whom our prize is named, made his own particular choice: the first unification of Europe. At such an hour the truth must be told: Only by wading through a sea of blood, sweat and tears did he reach his goal.”

European leaders justify the bloodshed caused by Charlemagne—saying the overarching purpose was worth it. That should be alarming. Adolf Hitler once claimed to follow Charlemagne, and he reasoned the same way.

In 1935, Hitler asserted that Charlemagne’s bloodshed was necessary to unite Germany. When Hitler made this statement, people still believed that he was a man of peace and paid little attention to such atrocious statements. But as professor and renowned German medieval researcher Johannes Fried pointed out in an interview with the German popular newspaper Die Welt, Hitler’s statements were “preparing for his own acts of violence, to praise Charles was a strategy of legitimacy.”

Hitler praised Charlemagne to prepare for the greatest bloodshed mankind has ever seen. He moved Charlemagne’s crown back to Germany in 1938. Europe today is again praising Charlemagne. (Read “Why Is Austria Promoting the Crown of Charlemagne?” for more information.) This revival should concern everyone.

A Christian Claim to a Political Throne

Charlemagne is venerated not only by politicians but also by Catholics. The archdiocese of Cologne’s explained the paradox in light of the recent celebration:

Although Charlemagne is not considered a saint in the whole church, he may be revered as such in Aachen—despite his crusades and women stories. Von Holtum [dean of the Aachen Cathedral] recalls that Charles spent the last eight years of his life in Aachen from Christmas to Easter, and from Hochmünster [part of the Cathedral] he took part in the choral prayer … in the morning, noon and evening . [Charlemagne] hence was also “a deeply devout man.”

He was very much interested in the origins of Christianity. …

[Charlemagne’s] throne could be connected with the beginnings of Christianity, whose marble slabs probably come from the Holy Sepulchre, according to the dean of the cathedral.

In other words, Charlemagne’s throne is meant to connect his reign all the way back to Jesus Christ. This throne is a symbol of the Catholic Church’s claim that Christ is already ruling on Earth through His representatives. This throne stands as a symbol of the authority under which the Holy Roman Empire tried to subjugate the whole world. Emphasizing the “Christian” component of this empire helped legitimize its quest for world dominance.

Those who are awarded with the annual Charlemagne Prize receive a tour of Aachen Cathedral, including Charlemagne’s throne. During the Aachen Cathedral festival week, this throne was on special display and open to public viewing.

French President Emmanuel Macron speaks in Aachen, Germany, after receiving the Charlemagne Prize on May 10.
Ina Fassbender/Getty Images

Belief that religion should have a bigger role in politics is growing in Europe. Editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in the October Trumpet’s cover article:

A trend is unfolding in Europe that you should keep a close watch on. Europeans have been besieged by immigrants from the Middle East, growing Muslim populations within their midst, cityscapes filling with mosques and minarets, portions of their cities turning into Muslim enclaves that local police dare not enter, even Islamic terrorist attacks.

And more and more Europeans are looking for solutions in their own history. Specifically, their religious history.

A strong example of this trend is Austria’s new chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. He is a staunch Catholic, and outspoken about the fact that his religion guides his politics.

Renewed interest in Charlemagne’s legacy comes at the same time as this renewed interest in religion.

Herbert W. Armstrong forecast this religious revival decades ago. In August 1978, he wrote in the Good News, “Europeans want their own united military power! … They have made a real effort toward union in the Common Market. … But they well know there is but one possibility of union in Europe—and that is through the Vatican.”

“In only one way can this resurrected Holy Roman Empire be brought to fruition—by the ‘good offices’ of the Vatican, uniting church and state once again, with the Vatican astride and ruling” (Plain Truth, January 1979).

We have been watching for this revival for decades, and now it is emerging.

Mr. Armstrong made his forecasts based on Bible prophecies. The Bible describes a religious empire that rises repeatedly in Europe, seen throughout history. Men like Charlemagne, Otto the Great and the Habsburg dynasty have forged revivals of this empire in Europe with the support and blessing of the Catholic Church.

The Bible tells us there is one more revival of this empire.

By attempting to resurrect Charlemagne’s empire, Europe’s leaders are directly fulfilling this Bible prophecy. Mr. Flurry explained:

“And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space” [Revelation 17:10]. This verse is key to understanding the timing of the next resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. God says that after five are fallen, He would send someone to explain this prophecy. This was Herbert W. Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong came on the scene as Adolf Hitler was leading the sixth resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, which is the “one is” in verse 10. When the meaning of Revelation 17 was revealed, during the time of the sixth resurrection, the seventh resurrection had “not yet come.”

Today, however, the revival of that empire is happening!

And remarkably, as they are reviving it, Europeans are doing something they have never done since the vile and murderous sixth head: They are publicizing the Holy Roman Empire! They don’t publicize what Adolf Hitler did; too many people remember that bloody history. Instead they cloak it in the tradition of Charlemagne. And yet it is the same story! Not as many people died in the First Reich because they didn’t have the same military technology then. But it is the same ambition!

The Bible tells us that this revived Holy Roman Empire is more dangerous than ever. But it will be the last. With today’s modern weapons of war, it will bring the whole world to the brink of annihilation. But the same scriptures tell us it will be destroyed by Jesus Christ.

The beginnings of this prophecy are being fulfilled before your eyes. Europe’s political and religious landscape is about to experience a drastic change. European leaders have already taken action to resurrect this empire. These leaders follow in the footsteps of Charlemagne and Hitler, but the destruction that they will wreak will be unprecedented. These moves should shock the whole world, instead mankind barely notices until it is too late. If you understand Bible prophecy, you will not only be greatly alarmed by these events, you will also take great hope. In the midst of this most horrifying news, God has given a spectacular sign of hope.

To learn more about how this evil empire is rising again and where to find hope in the midst of it, read Mr. Flurry’s article “The Holy Roman Empire Goes Public—Big Time!

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A Momentous Middle East Meeting

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and French President Emmanuel Macron take part in a summit called to attempt to find a lasting political solution to the civil war in Syria.

A Momentous Middle East Meeting

Listen to the November 1, 2018, episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

Europe is desperate for German leadership. Britain has decided it no longer cares about thrift, and is spending like there’s no tomorrow. And four nations gather for an unusual meeting on the future of Syria. All this and more on the Trumpet Daily Radio Show with Trumpet contributing editor Richard Palmer.

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