Germany’s Worst Far-Right Riots in 26 Years

Also, Germany plans swift attack on U.S. financial system.

The most dramatic news from Germany this week were the riots in Chemnitz on Monday night. These were the biggest far-right riots since 1992. Police were surprised and overwhelmed by the number that came out, doing Hitler salutes, chanting things like “Foreigners out,” and throwing bottles and fireworks.

It started with a stabbing in the early hours of Sunday morning. Word quickly got out that a migrant was behind the stabbing. This led to anti-migrant protests on Sunday night, which grew larger on Monday. One newspaper had the headline “Nazis Rehearsed Civil War in Chemnitz on Monday Night.”

This is exactly what we’ve been warning about happening in Germany. The migrant crisis, and the authorities’ lack of response, has pushed people into the arms of the far right. News organizations interviewed people taking part in these demonstrations: Many were not violent; many were not far right. Just a few years ago, they would not have wanted to be caught dead in the company of people who made Nazi salutes and yelled abuse at foreigners. Now, though, the far right is the only one talking about the problems they’re seeing every day from migration, and they are growing more comfortable with this kind of extremism.

“Common sense alone tells us an explosion is coming,” we wrote in 2016. That explosion is close. Chemnitz shows us what one spark can set off. We wrote that “the Bible specifically warns us what will be the result: a radical change in German leadership.” Bible prophecies in Daniel 8 and 11 forecast this change. To really understand what is going on in Germany and where this is leading, read A Strong German Leader Is Imminent.

Europe’s SWIFT Split From America

The other big story I’d like to focus on is another practical step dividing Europe from America. On Monday, French President Emanuel Macron talked about the need for Europe to split from America. “We need strategic autonomy and defense to respond to new threats. … Europe can no longer place its security in the United States’ hands alone,” he said. This is very similar to what we’ve heard coming out of Germany.

More practically, Germany announced the same day that it is creating a payment system independent of the United States. “It is therefore essential that we strengthen European autonomy by establishing payment channels independent of the U.S., a European monetary fund and an independent swift system,” the German foreign minister said. France confirmed its involvement in the plans.

All major cross-border money transfers use swift. swift is based in Belgium, but the U.S. can and does order it to block certain transactions. Europe is fed up with this and wants to end America’s power. At the same time, it wants to use the euro instead of the dollar in a lot of these transactions. Former Trumpet columnist Robert Morley wrote on China’s efforts to create its own swift back in 2015. “Geopolitical repercussions are inevitable,” he wrote. “The dollar’s role as global reserve currency is being challenged. Loss of reserve currency status would leave America without the freedom to create money out of thin air to finance government spending.”

What you have now is Russia, China and Europe all working to find ways of doing business without using the dollar and without using systems like swift that America can cut off. The whole world is turning against America on the financial scene.

That’s a big story, with dramatic repercussions. And it’s one forecast in the Bible.

The Bible is full of prophecies of America being besieged, cut off from the rest of the world’s economies. Ezekiel 4 and 5, for example, talk about this. That is where this cut-off is leading. For more on this, read our article “Trade Wars Have Begun” from the April 2017 Trumpet issue.