The Real Russia Collusion Scandal and a New Idea for the German Army

The German military is in the news a lot. United States President Donald Trump wants it to expand. Many in Germany want it to expand. But there is a problem. They can’t convince enough Germans to join the army. Last year, they were short 21,000 jobs.

On Saturday, the German Defense Ministry said it has a solution to this problem that it has been seriously considering: allowing people from across the European Union to serve in the German Army.

Put this alongside other moves Germany has made over the last few years and you get a really interesting picture. Two thirds of the Dutch Army is now part of the German Army. Significant chunks of the Czech and Romanian armies are coming under the German command structure. German Defense Minister Ursala von der Leyen has advocated creating a multinational panzer division to be the “nucleus of a European army.”

In a very real and practical way, the German Army is becoming an EU army—on a small scale so far.

Herbert W. Armstrong warned of this military union for decades. In May 1953, he wrote that “10 powerful European nations will combine their forces.” Revelation 17 talks about 10 kings combining their strength and power. This chapter makes clear that this is about the rise of a European power—and we see that happening already. You can read more about that in our Trends article “Why the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified Military.”

Germany’s Collusion With Russia

Another item very much in the news is collusion with Russia. Mr. Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week, and this is obviously proof of collusion—the way the left in America sees it.

But there have actually been much more interesting meetings between a different world leader and Russia. On July 24, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the chief of Russia’s general staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov. Merkel and Putin talked on the phone last week to set up the meeting. They said they talked about the Middle East, especially Syria and Ukraine.

The press has noted how unusual it is for the German chancellor to meet with the chief of staff of another military. Gerasimov is actually banned from visiting the EU because he’s under sanctions. Germany had to give him a waiver to allow the meeting to take place. Not many details have been released about the meeting. The foreign-policy spokesman for Germany’s Free Democratic Party called the meeting “regrettable and odd” and said that the silence over it was “suspicious.”

Forget about the alleged Trump-Russia collusion; this Germany-Russia relationship is the one you really need to watch.

In May 1962, the Plain Truth newsmagazine—predecessor of the Trumpet—wrote: “Once a German-dominated Europe is fully established, Germany will be ready to negotiate and bargain with Russia—and behind the backs of the Western allies if necessary.”

“When a Russo-German deal is made, you can be sure that the doom of the United States and Great Britain is on the horizon,” warned the same article.

These two countries are working together, and they’re working against the United States. You can learn much more abut this important story from the July 26 Key of David program, titled “Germany and Russia’s Secret War Against America.” In this program, editor in chief Gerald Flurry explains what you need to know about these two powers working together.