World Chaos and Strife Is the Penalty of Broken Law

Syrian government forces walk down a destroyed street on the southern outskirts of Damascus on May 21.

World Chaos and Strife Is the Penalty of Broken Law

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Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the signing of the United Nations charter in San Francisco. The UN was supposed to help foster world peace. Today, it is clear that this organization has completely failed to achieve its goal. The world is experiencing more division and strife than it has since the end of World War ii. At the time of the UN’s conception in 1945, Herbert W. Armstrong said the organization was destined to fail because it was built on competition and greed. Mr. Armstrong recognized that mankind’s problems could not be solved by a humanly devised peacekeeping organization. Humanity’s problems all trace back to broken law! On today’s radio show, I discuss the current state of our world and what it will take to solve the many crises we see worldwide.

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