Alfie Evans and the Erosion of Freedom

Tom Evans, father of Alfie Evans, holds a photograph of his son as he speaks to media outside Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, on April 26.
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Alfie Evans and the Erosion of Freedom

Listen to the April 26, 2018, episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

When doctors decided to turn off life support for 23-month-old Alfie Evans on Monday, against his parents’ wishes, they expected the infant they’d diagnosed with a neurological disorder to die soon after. Alfie is still alive. His parents have tried to get him to a hospital in Italy, but a British court denied the move. Italy offered to transport Alfie to Rome and provide all of his needs; it even granted him Italian citizenship. The Alfie Evans case is reigniting a fierce debate: Should governments be allowed to trump parents? I discuss the Alfie case on today’s program and how it is just the surface of the erosion of freedom in Western nations.

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