#Resistance: Incrementally Normalizing Politically Motivated Violence

Community and labor advocates organize a rally against President Trump in Times Square on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.
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#Resistance: Incrementally Normalizing Politically Motivated Violence

Listen to the April 25, 2018, episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

The anti-Trump resistance movement has tried everything to get the president removed from office: lawsuits, boycotts, leaks, articles of impeachment, declaring him mentally unfit, and on and on it goes. Media coverage of President Donald Trump has been about 90 percent negative. The media has never been so hard on a president. Just how far is the resistance movement willing to go if it really believes President Trump is like Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler? Is violence the next step? Historian Victor Davis Hanson wrote in a recent column that America is “entering revolutionary times.” I discuss Hanson’s article on today’s show, as well as some positive reports from the Trump presidency that the mainstream media won’t acknowledge.

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