A Glimpse of the Future?

From the September-October 2005 Trumpet Print Edition

The annuls of history are saturated with examples of terrible atrocities.

This is what makes Jesus Christ’s prophecy of a time just ahead that much more alarming: He said that “great tribulation” was coming—a time of suffering “such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time [the end time—our day today], no, nor shall ever be.”

Is it true this world will witness instances of inhumanity worse than these?


Constantly engaged in battle, he forced those he conquered to convert to Catholicism and executed those who did not.

The Inquisitions

Catholic-dominated Europe led four gruesome campaigns that led to many “heretics” being tortured or killed. The body count is estimated at 50 million.


Led an average of nine military campaigns a year, murdering and humiliating non-Muslims.

The Rape of Nanking

Japanese soldiers raped, mutilated and killed tens of thousands of Chinese women and girls as young as 7.

The Holocaust

Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler slaughtered over 6 million whose crime was simply being the wrong race or religion.