Facing Manpower Shortage, British Army Reaches Out to LGBTs and Emotional Basket Cases

The Army Careers office in Canterbury, Kent
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Facing Manpower Shortage, British Army Reaches Out to LGBTs and Emotional Basket Cases

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On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, I talk about Britain’s ailing armed forces.

Russian jets continue to buzz Britain’s coasts. Vladimir Putin’s henchmen have proved their ability to carry out chemical attacks on British soil. The island is within range of a potential North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile, but has no plan to respond to such an attack.

The United Kingdom is about to be alone on Europe’s doorstep—a dangerous position considering World War ii history.

Can Britain count on America to fulfill its nato commitments?

While powers like China and Russia continue to arm, Britain—the nation that once ruled the seas—is facing a defense budget crisis and a politically correct campaign that is showing the world just how soft its armed forces have become.

Would Britain be able to survive another war?

Consider how much Britain spends on social programs like the National Health System in comparison to its military budget. Each time Britain needs money, it’s the military budget that gets slashed. Britain doles out foreign aid at an astonishing rate—but it continues to come up short in its defense budget.

What could be more important than defending your nation?

Some current and many retired British military leaders are sounding the alarm: Britain needs to strengthen its defense.

Sadly, it is not responding.

The British Army is in the midst of a recruitment shortage. This year it launched a politically correct “belonging” campaign to try to appeal to women, minorities and people of differing faiths. The advertisements showcased the Army’s “openness” and “tolerance” of homosexuals, Muslims and “emotional” individuals. I play clips from a few of these commercials on today’s show (you can hear them at around 23 minutes).

Then I contrast these 2018 ads with a 2001 advert from the Royal Marines; the difference after just 17 years is astonishing.

British society is sick (Isaiah 1:5-6). The 2018 advertisements reveal how desperate the Army is for recruits. It shows how much Britain’s culture has worsened. It shows how Britain’s army has lost its focus and forgotten its purpose.

This is what the 2018 ad campaign overlooks: The purpose of the Army is not to reflect society or to be politically correct. The purpose of the Army is to defend Britain and carry out the will of Queen and country.

Material shortages can be made up if the people are willing to sacrifice. But the defense budget is of little concern to the average Briton. There are too many social programs that need attention.

Later in the show, I compare Britain’s attitude toward the military to its attitude in the lead-up to World War i.

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