Welcome to the New Cold War


Welcome to the New Cold War

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for the next world war. That’s what two authors from major news outlets have concluded. Putin, they say, believes war is inevitable. The question for him is not a matter of if but when.

Putin Is Preparing for World War III—Is Trump?” asked Newsweek in a headline on December 14. In the article, Owen Matthews wrote (emphasis added throughout):

Russia, surrounded by enemies, is readying to fight an epic war for survival. At least that’s what Vladimir Putin wants his countrymen to think. Nearly every evening, Russian state-controlled television leads news broadcasts with video of Russian planes in action over Syria, interspersed with images of nato tanks and troops menacing Russia’s borders. …

As long ago as 2013, even before the conflict in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry’s annual strategic plan, titled “The Defense of Russia, “predicted a serious global or regional conflict involving Russia before 2023. Senior Russians talk about not IF but WHEN there is going to be a major war,” says Andrew Monaghan, of Pembroke College, Oxford, and the nato Defense College in Rome. “They are already on a war footing and have been on it for a long time.”

Susan Glasser followed Matthews’s article with a similar warning in Politico titled “Trump, Putin and the New Cold War.” She notes that Russia is a continual concern for its German neighbors in the West. During Chancellor Angela Merkel’s first visit to America to meet with the newly elected president, Russia was foremost on her mind, according to Glasser, citing an anonymous official. In order to show Mr. Trump how aggressive Russia has become, Merkel showed him a map of the Soviet Union from 1982 along with all the areas Russia is aggressively active in today. Glasser wrote:

As the Germans told the skeptical American president on that March day in the White House, Putin is back to fighting the Cold War,” even if we in the West are not.

Not quite nine months later, the New Cold War that Merkel warned Trump about appears to be hotter than ever.

Further on in her article, Glasser wrote:

In nearly two decades of closely following Russia, I have never heard so many American officials, in and out of government, use the language of a new Cold War. These days, whenever the subject of Putin comes up with America’s professional Russia-watchers, the word “war” inevitably follows.

Even Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made a similar statement last year, saying, “One could go so far as to say that we have slid back to a new Cold War.”

It’s clear to many that Putin is a dangerous man—and yet, as Glasser brought out, it wasn’t that long ago when former President Obama merely brushed aside the Russian threat. Back in the 2012 presidential debates, Mr. Obama ridiculed and mocked Gov. Mitt Romney for saying that Russia posed a serious threat to America, saying:

Governor Romney, I am glad that you recognize that al Qaeda is a threat, because a few months ago when you were asked what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia! Not al Qaeda. You said Russia. And the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because you know the Cold War has been over for 20 years.

Back then, the news media cheered the president on, and even accused Romney of being a war monger, using scare tactics. As Glasser wrote, “The debate point went to Obama, but Romney was vindicated by events.”

As these articles show, it is clear that Putin is actively getting Russia ready for war! In recent weeks, he has told Russian industry to be prepared to switch over to war production. Speaking to senior defense officials on November 22, he said, “The economic ability to increase the production of defense products and services quickly is a vital element of military security.”

Talk about Bible prophecy coming alive! The Bible specifically talks about Russia preparing for World War iii, and now the news media is saying the exact same thing!

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As my father explained, the events unfolding on the world scene were prophesied in your Bible thousands of years ago! You can also read about those prophecies in more detail in his free booklet The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia.’

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