The Psalm 83 Alliance

A prophesied military alliance is about to come on the scene and shock the world.

In recent years, Germany has steadily improved relations with moderate Arab nations. Multiple bonds have developed, including weapon sales, energy deals and military agreements. The development of this German-Arab alliance is fulfillment of a specific end-time prophecy. The Trumpet terms it “the Psalm 83 alliance.”

Verses 6-8 of Psalm 83 reveal the ancient identity of the nations in the alliance. Historians and Bible scholars recognize that these nations have never formed an alliance. That is strong evidence that this is a prophecy—yet to be fulfilled. A study into national origins reveals generally who these nations are today:

  • Assur—Germany
  • Edom/Amalek—Turkey
  • Ishmaelites—Saudi Arabia (and other neighboring nations)
  • Moab/Ammon—Jordan
  • Hagarenes—Syria
  • Gebal—Lebanon
  • Tyre—Southern Lebanon (Hezbollah)
  • Philistines—Gaza

Because of Turkey’s inclusion in this prophecy, we also watch for the development of German-Turkish ties.

Psalm 83:4 states that the goal of this alliance is to destroy the modern-day nations of Israel. “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” God uses the Psalm 83 alliance, led by Germany, to punish the nations of America, Britain and Israel for their rebellion against His law (Isaiah 10:5).

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