Three Things the Trumpet Is Watching in the German Elections

Germany’s election is entering the home stretch.

The German elections are just around the corner. It could prove to be a major milestone, not just for Germany but for all of Europe.

But how can you make sense of the closing moments of this campaign, and what should you be looking for in the actual results of the election?

Here are three of the main things we’re watching at

1. Watch the impact of the Alternative für Deutschland.

This party will almost certainly enter parliament for the first time, giving it a much louder voice. But support for the AfD goes well beyond those who vote for it. Many more agree with a lot of what the party says, but are put off by the stigma surrounding it. The AfD’s success could help push German politics further to the right.

2. Watch what the new government sounds like.

Angela Merkel is projected to remain Germany’s chancellor after the vote. If she does, what will her government look and sound like? Will she shift to the right in the AfD? Or will she ignore it—storing up much larger problems later?

3. Watch Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg.

Talk of Guttenberg joining the next cabinet is rife. Watch how successful he is.

And keep watching this election. The Bible is full of specific prophecies about modern Germany—prophecies we’ve been proclaiming for decades. They foretell a major political change in Germany and, in so many ways, you can see that we are already on the cusp of that upheaval. The stage is set and these elections could play a huge role in how these prophecies unfold.

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