Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course

How well do you know your Bible?

To many, the Bible is a mystery. A patchwork of ancient writings that is at once profound and puzzling, it can be distant and frustrating to those who read and study it. But it need not be!

The Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, published by the same organization that produces the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine, offers in-depth understanding of the most profound book on Earth. Is the Bible true? Does it apply to today’s daily living? In its monthly lessons, this course addresses these questions and many more. It is a dynamic Bible study course. It aims to thrill, excite and challenge you—lead you to understand the meaning of world events and the purpose being worked out here below.

In nearly all college classrooms, textbooks or magazines on current affairs, you find alarming world problems hashed and rehashed—but no workable, viable solutions given. And in most religious publications you find much emotion and sentimentality, but very little understanding.

This course, administered through Herbert W. Armstrong College, is entirely different. It is written in a dynamic question-and-answer format that requires you to read the Scriptures and dig out the answers from your own Bible. You’ll find these lessons stirring, vitally interesting. Not dry or dull. They sparkle with interest! They make plain the real meaning behind today’s world news. They reveal the answers to the “unanswerable” social, family, and personal problems facing millions today. They explain the very purpose of human life.

As you study the clear, plain, simple truths of your Bible, you will really come to know the awesome Book of books as never before.

The Trumpet is offering this three-year course to you absolutely free—no catch! There is no tuition cost to you whatsoever. How can we afford to give it away? Because thousands of members and co-workers worldwide voluntarily contribute their tithes and offerings to help bring you this precious knowledge without price. We proclaim the way of giving and of serving. To put a price on any of our literature would be inconsistent with that way. Our desire is to serve—to share God’s precious truths in a ministry of love.

To enroll, request the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course.