How America Helped Germany Conquer Europe

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How America Helped Germany Conquer Europe

For nearly three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a reunited Germany has been achieving exactly what it wanted, but failed at, in two world wars.

“How Germany Won World War II (In 2017).” What a headline! This amazing article from the National Interest reads almost like a chapter straight out of my father, Gerald Flurry’s, booklet Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans—and he wrote that booklet 18 years ago!

The National Interest’s Leon Hader wrote, “Germany has relied on the United States-led nato for its protection while adopting a creative modus operandi under which Berlin draws in nato and, by extension, the United States, to help it advance its strategic interests.” That, in essence, is what Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans is all about!

For nearly three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a reunited Germany has been achieving exactly what it wanted, but failed at, in two world wars! And to this point, Berlin has used American firepower to exercise control over other European nations! As Hader noted, the Balkans crisis in the 1990s is Exhibit A.

In December 1991, Germany boldly defied global opinion and extended diplomatic recognition to Croatia and Slovenia—two states that wanted to break away from Yugoslavia and start a civil war. America and the rest of Europe protested the breakaway. But Germany, supported by the Vatican, imposed its will on the West, and war erupted in the Balkans. The conflict eventually spread from Croatia and Slovenia into Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

Several years later, Germany encouraged another war: this time to break off Kosovo from Serbia. It flew Luftwaffe bombing missions for the first time since World War ii, and it got nato and the United States to provide most of the firepower to blast the Serbs. This was an even more tragic irony, because the Serbs were America’s allies in World War ii against the German enemy!

After the dust settled, Germany cemented its control over the region, step by step.

Notice what my father wrote in his Trumpet article from Aug. 1, 1999, “Germany Is Conquering the Balkans!”: “Once again the Germans are structuring an empire. … They’ve been aggressive, out in the open, from the time of their deliberate tactic of destabilizing the Balkans to their brilliant takeover of the end game. They will never leave the Balkan Peninsula now …. Germany now has its Balkan corridor to the Adriatic, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, for all intents and purposes, signed, sealed and delivered. A masterful stroke of German diplomatic thoroughness.”

Three years later, my father described Yugoslavia as being nothing less than “the first victim of World War iii”! All of this material, and more, is covered in his compelling free booklet Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans. You’ll be even more up to date with this booklet from 1999 than with the excellent National Interest article published Sunday. Please request your free printed copy.