Trump, Germany and KT zu Guttenberg

Trump, Germany and KT zu Guttenberg


Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg might be just the man to lead Germany and Europe in the Donald Trump era.

Who is Donald J. Trump, and how will his presidency affect my nation? This question dominates the minds of world leaders and statesmen right now. And no country is thinking about this more than Germany.

Perhaps the most valuable asset in Berlin these days, and in every capital city the world over, is an informed understanding of United States President Donald Trump and his true intentions. Germany’s leaders are deeply concerned and wondering: Is Trump serious about imposing tariffs on German imports into America? Does he really dislike the European Union and seek its disintegration? How deep is his affection for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and how much will he empower the Kremlin? Does Mr. Trump really consider nato “obsolete” and plan to initiate a United States retreat from Europe?

For Germany and Europe, these are existential issues. Each issue underpins the post-World War ii international system. This world order isn’t exactly perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with reconsidering these pillar issues. But overhauling 70 years of international relations must be done cautiously, thoughtfully and in partnership with allies. One misstep and the international order crumbles.

Although Mr. Trump’s views on Russia, the EU, nato and Germany are radically different from America’s traditional views on these issues, it’s impossible to say for certain that his views lack sufficient consideration. Still, there’s a problem: President Trump is talking about fundamentally transforming Europe, the German-U.S. relationship, nato and the Russian-European relationship—in more dramatic terms, Mr. Trump is talking aboutblowing up the postwar world order—without explanation, without discussion and without reservation.

Europe, especially Germany, is terrified.

On January 20, as millions of Americans reveled in Donald Trump’s “America first” inaugural speech, here’s what the Germans and Europeans were thinking.

Handelsblatt reported in “Trump Team Leaves Germany Out in the Cold”:

As Donald Trump officially enters office, the German government is still struggling to establish contacts with the new administration and distinguish campaign bluster from actual policy. The current changing of the guard in the United States … has left the German government uncertain about the future course of transatlantic relations. … Ms. Merkel has never met and knows very little about the unorthodox man being sworn in as the 45th president on Friday, other than the fact that he views her refugee policy as a “catastrophic mistake.”

Spiegel Online’s article “Donald Trump and the New World Order” said:

The inauguration of Donald Trump heralds the arrival of a new world order. The West is weaker than ever before, and rising American nationalism poses a threat both to Germany’s economy and the European Union.

Spiegel Online made the point that Mr. Trump plans to upend America’s entire postwar foreign policy toward Europe (emphasis added throughout):

For more than 60 years, the U.S. has promoted European unity. The country introduced the Marshall Plan, it supported the single European market, and backed Europe’s eastward expansion following the collapse of the Iron Curtain. But now, a man is entering the White House who is counting on the disintegration of the EU.

Spiegel Online lamented President Trump’s flagrant disregard of history, strategic thinking, America’s postwar role in the world, and the relationships and alliances that have defined international relations for seven decades.

The new president feels absolutely no sentimentality when it comes to the alliances that arose out of the rubble of World War ii. Like no other president before him, he is prepared to call them into question and even, apparently, to bring them to an end. Plus, Trump has no taboos. On the contrary: He loves to break them; he loves to provoke.The result is that Europe finds itself on the eve of an epochal shift of the kind it hasn’t seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Eastern bloc. Is this the end of the West as we know it, as former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer warned a month ago?

The Spiegel Online article also revealed that Germany, and especially Chancellor Angela Merkel, feel threatened by President Trump and his policies.

The situation could hardly be worse for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Soon, the EU will be forced to make do without the United Kingdom, the bloc’s second-largest economy; right-wing populists are on the advance in Europe; and now Trump is at the helm in the U.S., a man who said in his interview this week that the German chancellor had “made a catastrophic mistake.” It would be difficult to formulate a challenge more directly than that.Can Merkel’s Europe now hold together? Can she become a worthy adversary to Trump in the approaching conflicts over trade regulations, international agreements and the liberal legal and economic order that has been so important to the United States for the last six decades?

That’s a breathtaking remark. The website for Germany’s most influential newsmagazine referred to Donald Trump as an “adversary” of Chancellor Merkel and Germany. Is Germany beginning to consider itself to be at war with Donald Trump and America? Think about the ramifications of such a belief.

That which had seemed inconceivable just a short time ago now appears to be a foregone conclusion: A new era is beginning, one in which the certainties that have held true for decades are suddenly no longer valued. They are suddenly vulnerable. For the most part, that is because the 45th president of the United States of America is simply not interested in the world order that has developed since 1945. He is just as disinterested in the transatlantic partnership and the long-cultivated alliances with Western allies.

It’s entirely possible this view is distorted and that America’s president isn’t nearly as hostile to Germany as this article implies. But the truth doesn’t prevail in this instance, perception does. And the very real perception in Germany is that America is becoming a competitor and enemy. Germany and Europe are feeling increasingly anxious and threatened.

“So what?” the patriot American might respond. “Americans should care less about what Germany and Europe think and care more about American interests.” There’s merit to that sentiment, but it isn’t that simple. To this person, history responds resoundingly: We should always care what Germany is thinking and planning!

Spiegel Online carried its drama right through to the conclusion.

Trump is the end of the world as we know it—that much is clear. Or, as the Economist recently wrote: “Things could get much worse.”

It is easy, especially if you live outside Germany and Europe, to dismiss this as hyperbole. But that’s a mistake. Germany and Europe are watching Donald Trump, and they are uncertain, anxious and threatened. They believe if Mr. Trump keeps half his promises, then their world is going to be upended. Germany and Europe are already grappling with the EU crisis, a resurgent Russia, various financial crises and the migrant crisis, among others.

Now they apparently have to worry about a hostile America!

Europe’s most pressing problem is its leadership crisis. European leaders, including Angela Merkel, are proving to be absolutely incapable of solving these issues. Germany and Europe need someone who understands President Trump. Someone who understands what motivates Mr. Trump and his team. Someone who understands 21st-century America and the populist, nationalist spirit coursing through its veins. Someone capable of piloting Germany through the historic transformation already underway. Someone, ideally, with an established relationship with key American thinkers and leaders, and perhaps even Mr. Trump’s team. Someone bold enough—but also wise and pragmatic enough—to confront President Trump.

Does such an individual exist? Perhaps.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, as we have reported for more than six years, has an impressive résumé, and one that looks more impressive over time. Guttenberg, a former German defense minister, was once the most popular politician in Germany. There was a time many believed he would replace Merkel as chancellor. This man has the political heritage and education, the character and spirit, and the diplomatic experience and connections to manage the Trump presidency. Guttenberg understands German and European politics and has established relations with some of the highest figures in Germany, Europe and Russia.

Guttenberg’s political career seemed to end in 2011, when it was revealed he had plagiarized his doctoral thesis (a peccadillo, it seems, that isn’t exactly rare in Germany). As penance, Guttenberg retired from politics and banished himself to America. In Connecticut, he established a boutique financial consultancy and became a commentator, providing insightful, refreshingly candid analysis on serious world issues. Guttenberg belongs to the realist school of international relations. He sees the world and human nature as it is, not as utopianists want it to be. He understands power and the struggle for power. Perhaps you’ve seen him on cnn, Fox, cbs or read his articles in Time or the Wall Street Journal.

Consider his stance on Vladimir Putin. Unlike Mr. Trump, Guttenberg sees Russia’s president as sinister, evil and dangerous. He is undoubtedly alarmed by Donald Trump’s affection for Putin and probably has some clear ideas about how Germany and Europe should handle a potential U.S.-Russia rapprochement. Such thinking looks good on his résumé.

In hindsight, Guttenberg’s benching from German politics seems more a blessing than a curse. He escaped the minefield that is German and European politics and spent four years equipping himself with the knowledge and experience to lead Germany through a Trump presidency. He also cultivated connections and relationships with some powerful and influential figures in America. One of his colleagues was Rex Tillerson, America’s new secretary of state; they worked together at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Guttenberg also knows James Mattis, America’s new secretary of defense. Guttenberg has spent the last four years studying America’s politics and culture. He doesn’t just understand Washington, he understands America.

KT zu Guttenberg and Rex Tillerson, colleagues at Center for Strategic and International Studies

It’s a unique and pretty incredible résumé: KT zu Guttenberg understands the historic and strategic underpinnings of both American and European foreign policy. He understands and knows how to navigate German, European and American politics. He has access to the most influential thinkers and leaders in Germany, Europe and America. He speaks flawless German and English. And he has the personality and leadership necessary for the uncertain, tense times ahead.

If Germany really is beginning to see America as the “adversary,” then it needs a leader who understands the enemy. Who better than a former defense minister who spent the last four years living with the enemy?

Is Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg uniquely prepared to lead Germany through the Donald Trump era?

Finally, Guttenberg appears to have a “handle” on Donald Trump. He’s been dissecting Trump speeches and appearances for months, and he hasn’t held back his criticism. But it’s not just blustery character assassination. Guttenberg understands President Trump’s worldview and intentions and how they stand to impact Germany and Europe. He also has a vision of how Germany and Europe must react. In one recent article, he explained that Berlin must respond to the Trump presidency by ending its “passive, wait-and-see” approach to foreign relations, and develop a “culture of responsibility.” He also stated that Berlin must respond with “language that Trump understands,” language and gestures that are “clear, constructive and, if necessary, hard.”

Such rhetoric will be music to the ears for many Germans and Europeans.

Considering all this, it’s no surprise that Germany today is buzzing with rumors of an imminent Guttenberg comeback. Earlier this week, he enjoyed a two-hour meal at one of Munich’s most posh restaurants with Andreas Scheuer, a key leader of the Christian Social Union (csu), Guttenberg’s political party. He’s also been seen repeatedly in recent months in Berlin and Munich. Germany’s media has been anticipating a comeback for almost two years. His csu colleagues, and even some from other parties, are virtually begging him to return to German politics.

KT’s response to all the speculation and anticipation is brilliant. He usually smiles, delivers a self-deprecating remark, and says it’s not going to happen. “It’s as unlikely as me breeding giraffes in my cellar,” he stated in one interview. Such a coy response, of course, only intensifies his supporters’ longing for his return.

In my view, Guttenberg might simply be waiting for the right moment. He wants to arrive on the scene just as Germany and Europe’s woes and anxieties become acute, almost unbearable. Guttenberg knows that if he appears at the apex of a massive crisis, with his impressive résumé—which is nearly perfect for this moment—then his past will be forgotten and Germany (and Europe) will be his. Of course, it could happen differently.

Whatever happens, though, this man seems to be uniquely prepared to lead Germany and Europe through the tumultuous Donald Trump era. We’ve said it before—we began saying it six years ago—but it’s worth repeating: Watch Guttenberg closely.

Will America and Britain Lead the World Again?

Will America and Britain Lead the World Again?

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Donald Trump and Theresa May want to revive the closeness their countries had during the 1980s. But will a “special relationship” halt the decline of these once-great nations?

British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with United States President Donald Trump later today for face-to-face talks inside the Oval Office, making Mrs. May the first foreign leader to visit the White House since Mr. Trump’s inauguration last week. Both leaders have vowed to make the relationship between their countries special again.

Conservative Party M.P. Iain Duncan Smith told usa Today that Britain has the opportunity to “reinstate” what it once had with the U.S. That relationship has taken a beating in recent years. President Barack Obama, Smith explained, spent time forging relationships with everyone else—meaning everyone except Britain.

President Obama, after moving into the Oval Office in 2009, replaced a bust of Winston Churchill on loan from Britain with a bust of Martin Luther King, and his aides announced that America’s so-called special relationship with Britain was actually more of partnership—not unlike the many partnerships America had with other nations.

In 2010, British M.P.s responded in kind. The Commons Foreign Affairs Committee announced that the term “special relationship” should be avoided. Great Britain should be close to the United States, it concluded, “but there is a need to be less deferential.”

In 2011, President Obama said, “We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.” And last year, Germany was Mr. Obama’s best pal. Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama said, had been his “closest international partner.”

During those same years, the once “special relationship” with Britain was repeatedly reassessed and downgraded. As one secret memo, prepared by a congressional think tank in 2015, revealed, “the UK may not be viewed as centrally relevant to the United States in all of the issues and relations considered a priority on the U.S. agenda” (emphasis added throughout).

And then, there was Brexit. Prior to the historic vote last June, President Obama told Britain that if it didn’t stay in the European Union, it would end up at the “back of the queue” on any future trade deals with the United States!

Last year, UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said President Obama was the most “anti-British American president there has ever been.” Even though George Washington might lay claim to that particular title, there is no doubting that during the Obama years, the “special relationship” between the United States and Britain completely unraveled.

And that is exactly what the Bible said would happen in these latter days!

Throughout the Obama presidency, we often noted this. The Prophet Isaiah, for example, said the tribe of Manasseh (America) would devour Ephraim (Britain), and Ephraim would devour Manasseh (Isaiah 9:21; New King James Version).

These two Israelite nations—which have maintained such a strong and durable alliance for so many generations—were prophesied, in our day, to forsake their special alliance and to engage in furious strife and contention with one another.

So what are we to make of these recent diplomatic overtures between the United States and Great Britain? President Trump has congratulated Britain for voting to leave the EU. He’s promised to reward Britain with a favorable trade agreement. He invited Theresa May to be the first international leader to visit the Trump White House.

At a Republican congressional retreat yesterday in Philadelphia, Mrs. May said it was time to “renew” the special relationship. “We—our two countries together—have a joint responsibility to lead,” she said.

Is this, then, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher all over again, as the usa Today column suggests? Will the United States and Britain rise together and again lead the world?

What Your Bible Prophesies

Jesus said that in the latter days, there would be great tribulation—“such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” Without God’s supernatural intervention, mankind would not survive (Matthew 24:21-22). Elsewhere in Scripture, the Great Tribulation is referred to as “Jacob’s trouble” (Jeremiah 30:7).

In Bible prophecy, Jacob primarily refers to the United States and Britain. This is explained in Herbert W. Armstrong’s widely circulated work The United States and Britain in Prophecy. What this means is that the Great Tribulation that immediately precedes the return of Jesus Christ to Earth is a time of trouble coming on our nations! It is the greatest national trouble the United States and Britain have ever faced.

Hosea 5:5 says that our nations will fall together (along with Judah). What this means is that while there may be a renewal of the “special relationship” to some extent, it certainly will not result in the United States and Britain leading the world again.

In fact, that same prophetic passage in Hosea 5 speaks of Ephraim, or Britain, following after the commandment of Jeroboam (verse 11). In his Nov. 23, 2016, co-worker letter, my father identified Donald Trump as an end-time type of Jeroboam presiding over the United States. And poor Britain, the Bible says—“oppressed and broken in judgment”—will follow right along after the sins of Jeroboam.

“Now that the United Kingdom has decided to break away from Europe, it will be desperate to trade with the U.S.,” my father wrote in that letter. One British commentator put it this way in the above-mentioned usa Today article: “[Theresa May] has few friends because of her determination to push ahead with Brexit (Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union). And Trump is also, quite deliberately, alienating the world with his ‘America first’ talk.’”

These two historic friends desperately need each other right now because the 70-year-strong, post-World War ii order has been violently shaken to the core! But it’s not going to work out the way these two nations hope.

“It is possible that Prime Minister Theresa May, by throwing in her lot with Mr. Trump, could ride out any changes to the international order,” wrote the New York Times yesterday. But if that approach does not succeed, it could have severe consequences both for her nation and for the world that Britain plays a role in keeping together.”

The rest of the world is coming undone. Only God can fix it. Stitching together what remains of the “special relationship” will not restore order.

This is not the 1980s. We are living in a new age: the Jeroboam end.

“This election was prophetic!” my father wrote in that co-worker letter. “When there is a type of Jeroboam on the scene, then God will send the sword upon His people because of all its sins.”

We are living through earthshaking prophecies that lead right into the time of “Jacob’s trouble”—a time of national punishment for our many sins.

As Joel Hilliker wrote on this website five years ago,

Darkness is descending on the long, historically extraordinary Anglo-American age. Britain, once a globe-girding empire, is now being bullied by a growing European superstate. America, once the greatest superpower on Earth, is economically battered and is losing its global influence.History teaches that world orders don’t last. They come and they go. This present one is giving way to something very different—and it truly will be the world’s loss.However, Britain and America’s brightest days are not history. Glowing within their remarkable past is the promise of a far more luminous future.

The same prophet who wrote about “Jacob’s trouble” to occur during the Great Tribulation also spoke of a time beyond the Great Tribulation when America and Britain would be restored to their former glory and power to become “a praise and an honour before all the nations of the earth” (Jeremiah 33:9).

Before that time, Jesus said mankind would suffer unlike any time in human history. The devastation will be so widespread that, unless God intervened, there would be no hope for humanity.

But God will intervene. There is hope.

Barack Obama’s Eternal Legacy

Barack Obama’s Eternal Legacy

Ty Wright/Getty Images

America’s most radical president has moved on, but the fruits of his leadership will be with us for a long, long time.

Former United States President Barack Obama ran his campaign on the word “change” and began his presidency by saying he would “fundamentally transform America.” Even for a politician, that is quite a goal. By the time he left office, however, it was obvious Mr. Obama had achieved his goal.

His replacement, of course, disagrees with this. Donald Trump’s campaign was fueled by promises to undo President Obama’s handiwork and “make America great again.” For months prior to the election, candidate Trump promised he would undo what President Obama was doing, and that it would be tremendously easy. He would nullify Mr. Obama’s executive actions by simply passing executive actions of his own. If that didn’t work, he’d deploy the Republican-controlled Congress. True to his word, Mr. Trump—within hours of his inauguration—began drafting and signing executive actions designed to undo President Obama’s actions.

But what if undoing President Obama’s fundamental transformation isn’t that easy? What if America’s transformation was systemic and irreversible? It’s one thing to undo legal and regulatory regulations; it’s another to reverse profound cultural, moral and psychological changes. Especially when many Americans, millions in fact, simply don’t want to go back.

Consider America’s youth. The Obama Justice Department and Education Department, in a movement they termed “restorative justice,” created and enforced numerous policies, regulations and laws that prevented educators from confronting and disciplining insubordinate students. Since statistics show that black teenagers are typically disciplined at a higher rate than white students, they argued, America’s educational institutions are inherently racist. The solution was to coerce and force schools, via laws and regulations, to cut back discipline and order. The result? A sweeping cultural change among America’s youth—one that endorses the rejection of rules and authority and encourages a spirit of rebellion.

The Obama White House took the same approach to America’s justice and legal systems and its law enforcement agencies, all of which, according to the president and his team, suffer from the same institutional racism. President Obama believed most of the blame for America’s swelling jail populations was caused, not by Americans breaking the law, but by the law itself as well as the judges and law enforcement officers. He accused some police of being so racist that they murder a man simply because he is black. By the end of his second term, a bounty of new laws, policies and standards had been rolled out and a new “restorative” culture created. A culture that valued “fixing” the “problems” over actually upholding law and order. The result? America in January 2017 was more prone to riotous protests and marches, more prone to race riots like those in Ferguson and Baltimore, and filled with more Americans questioning, disrespecting, resisting and attacking America and its institutions.

And why not? Why should Americans respect law and government when their president, despite occupying an office created for the purpose of enforcing the law, personally undermined the rule of law? On some issues, like immigration, President Obama openly refused to enforce laws that his office is specifically required to enforce.

As president, Mr. Obama endorsed multiple issues that fundamentally transformed the culture, economy and security of the United States. He entrenched the entitlement culture, spending hundreds of billions giving away phones, health care, money and more. He hooked greater numbers of people on welfare benefits. He passed a gargantuan health-care law. He became the biggest spender in American history, accumulating twice as much debt as his predecessor and nearly doubling the national debt to almost $20 trillion. Can that be paid back—with interest—with a few signatures?

The Obama White House empowered special interest organizations and movements, many of which are hostile to traditional American customs, practices and values. Groups like Black Lives Matter and movements such as the lgbt crusade. Under President Obama, America experienced a profound cultural, moral and social transformation in the areas of race, sexuality and family. Even if he wanted to, President Trump couldn’t reverse the changes in these areas. Why? Because many Americans—especially those in Hollywood, the mainstream media and higher education—don’t want to reverse the changes.

The most fundamental transformation President Obama accomplished can be seen in each of his actions: lawlessness. For eight years, the most important office in the U.S. government was occupied by a man who, rather than upholding the law of the land, chose to uphold the law of Barack Obama. Since its creation, the Constitution has been America’s ultimate authority, more powerful than even the president. Today, the U.S. Constitution remains influential, but less influential than the individual who sits behind the desk in the Oval Office.

America today is a much different organism than it was on inauguration day Jan. 20, 2009, and it’s not going to be easy to transform it back to the way it was, much less to make it great. The easiest path to take will be to reverse some of Mr. Obama’s policies and laws, but to ignore the profound cultural and social transformations that have occurred. The truth is, the Obama years appealed to an ugly, destructive and powerful force: our lawless human nature. Ultimately, the only way to truly roll back the Obama years is to transform the hearts and attitudes of the American people. And that is an impossible feat—even for Donald J. Trump.

The American Epoch Is Over

The American Epoch Is Over

Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on January 26, 2017.

For 60 years, the United States was the most powerful nation in the world. That 60-year run, however, was brought to a close under the presidency of Barack Obama. Now the world is scrambling to adjust to a world without America. Meanwhile, in the U.S., one man believes he can rebuild the nation. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry explains why America is beyond repair and what is ultimately required to fix it.

Listen to or download Trumpet Daily Radio Show on:

Vladimir Putin: Friend or Foe?

Vladimir Putin: Friend or Foe?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Russia’s president is a dangerous man. Should U.S. President Trump form an alliance with him?

“I think I would just get along very well with Vladimir Putin,” said United States President Donald Trump on July 31, 2015, just over a month after declaring his bid for the presidency. If Mr. Trump does get along well with Mr. Putin, what will happen to America? Your Bible gives a shocking answer to that question.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has preyed on both the Democratic and the Republican political parties in the U.S. More importantly, he has been perhaps the most evil leader in this world—especially in his dealings with America, Britain and the Jewish nation in the Middle East.

Putin supports Iran, the number one terrorist-sponsoring nation in the world, with troops and nuclear weapons development. This is a perverted, sick policy since Iran considers America the Great Satan and Judah the Little Satan. How can Mr. Trump foster a profitable relationship with a man who has such disgusting, devastating,satanic policies? Can God get along with the devil? This is the real world! We need to consider this.

Putin has killed more than 160,000 of his own people in Chechnya. It is suspected that he has murdered more than 130 journalists in his own country. He has crushed all forms of independent media. Can you even imagine the American president doing these things?

Spy by Trade

In an article from Jan. 23, 2016, titled “The Death of a Former KGB Operative Is a Reminder of Vladimir Putin’s Past Life as a Spy,” Peter Holley wrote for the Washington Post:

As a street-fighting kid growing up in a crowded apartment complex in the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin dreamed of something bigger. By the time he was a teenager, that something, he’d concluded, was becoming a spy.”Even before I finished high school, I wanted to work in intelligence,” Putin said, according to a biography posted on the Kremlin website. “Granted, soon after, I decided I wanted to be a sailor, but then I wanted to do intelligence again.”The biography notes that an ambitious young Putin even attended a public reception at the office of the kgb Directorate to ask how he could become an intelligence officer.

From a child, Vladimir Putin dreamed of becoming a spy! The kgb intelligence agency that he joined is the equivalent of America’s cia, except exponentially more vile and brutal. The deeds and the actions prove it. Holley continued:

He once said that he was driven to join by “high motives” and hoped to use his skills “to the best for society.” But Putin told his biographers that the allure of espionage transcended high-minded ideals.”I was most amazed by how a small force, a single person, really, can accomplish something an entire army cannot,” he said, according to the Telegraph. “A single intelligence officer could rule over the fates of thousands of people. At least, that’s how I saw it.”

Vladimir Putin’s priorities are the opposite of the high-minded ideals purportedly espoused by the Western world. Espionage is his true passion. Both American political parties believe that he hacked the Democratic National Committee during the presidential primaries last year. He is a spy by trade.

Out for Revenge

Before the kgb collapsed along with the Soviet Union in 1991, how did it impact Vladimir Putin’s worldview? How has the kgb influenced his leadership of Russia?

Many analysts and experts say that Vladimir Putin has resurrected the kgb—and made it far more deadly. According to a British inquiry in January 2016, kgb operative-turned-British intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko died nearly a decade ago after drinking a cup of green tea poisoned with radioactive polonium-210. A British parliamentary committee described the assassination as a miniature nuclear attack on the streets of London. Putin considered that man the ultimate traitor, so he poisoned him with an ingredient used in nuclear bombs!

“On his death bed, Litvinenko himself accused Putin of organizing his murder, as well as other crimes as wide-ranging as terrorism and pedophilia” (ibid).

Russian journalist Masha Gessen told the Telegraph in 2012 that Vladimir Putin “is a supersize model of the kgb” (Feb. 25, 2012). Putin resurrected and supersized the kgb! This is a monster times a monster!

“To his fiercest critics, the strongman’s authoritarian impulses are contemporary reflections of the ruthless Cold War security apparatus that molded him into a master spy” (Washington Post, op cit; emphasis mine throughout).

If America can get along very well with Vladimir Putin, then shame on us! What nation could befriend this evil, destructivemurderer? He is a friend of the devil with numerous anti-God policies!

Communist ideology has gone, but the methods and psychology of its secret police have remained,” Alexia Kondaurov, a kgb general-turned-politician, told the Economist in 2007.

Is Communist ideology really gone? Or are we just blind to its destructive influence in the Western world? (Request our free reprint article “Communism in America Today” for more information.)

Gessen added, “He’s an average Soviet functionary with stronger than averageemotions and higher than averagevindictiveness” (Washington Post, op cit). Vladimir Putin is vindictive and vengeful! He has nothing but contempt for the opinions of the Russian people. The Washington Post continued:

Gessen told the Telegraph that the final stages of Putin’s kgb career were actually a period of disillusionment and tumult as the fiercely patriotic operative watched from the geopolitical front row as the Soviet Union disintegrated, and thousands of humiliated kgb officers were cast aside by the state.”I think a lot of his resentment goes back directly to that period,” Gessen said. “Having been in the kgb in a bad time, having been outside the country when everything was changing, he’s a very vengeful man. That’s one of his particular traits of character. And that vengefulness has carried through. He’s pursuing a vendetta against everybody who was ever opposed to the Soviet Union.And according to Litvinenko’s widow, Marina, that vendetta extended to her husband.

Britain’s Supreme Court actually convicted Putin for Litvinenko’s assassination. They have no doubt that he was the mastermind behind the murder plot. Vladimir Putin has supersized the kgb murder machine, that machine of deception and lies! Murder is its way of life! Can we “get along very well” with such a monstrous example in this world?

Yet Mr. Trump said a year and a half ago, “I think I would just get along very well with Vladimir Putin.”

Set Your Face Against Him

Thousands of years ago, the Prophet Ezekiel forecast the arrival of Vladimir Putin on the world scene. “And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him” (Ezekiel 38:1-2). Gog and Magog refer to Russia and China today. Chief prince should read prince of Rosh, or Russia. This end-time leader rules, among other cities, Meshech (Moscow, the capital) and Tubal (Tobolsk, in eastern Russia). (Request my free booklets Russia and China in Prophecy and The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia’ for extensive proof of this man’s identity.) It is easy to prove who he is.

God tells His end-time messenger to prophesy against the prince of Russia! You’re reading part of that message right now.

Where else is a warning message being proclaimed to the nations of Israel? Do you see any other place where this message is being thundered to America over and over again? My Key of David television program is on the air all over America, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. God says that the people in these nations will hear the warning. It’s just a matter of them heeding.

Our people need to find God. As America gets further and further from our Maker, it gets closer and closer to rabid predators like Vladimir Putin. That’s why we must sound the trumpet (Hosea 8:1).

Our people continue to rely on themselves. “For Israel hath forgotten his Maker, and buildeth temples; and Judah hath multiplied fenced cities: but I will send a fire upon his cities, and it shall devour the palaces thereof” (verse 14). They trust in their own ingenuity for protection. That will only lead them into a devouring fire!

There are real consequences for getting close to a monster like Vladimir Putin.

“They are all hot as an oven, and have devoured their judges; all their kings are fallen: there is none among them that calleth unto me. Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people; Ephraim is a cake not turned” (Hosea 7:7-8). Hosea is an end-time book. Ephraim refers to the British peoples and also Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. (Request Herbert W. Armstrong’s free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy to prove the identity of these nations in Bible prophecy.)

God says that Britain today is hot as an oven, or steeped in corruption. They are a cake not turned: They look good on the exterior, but they are burned to the core by sin and ready to collapse! If America doesn’t learn some sobering lessons then it will crumble the same way!

Foreign nations like Russia, China, Iran and Germany are devouring Israel’s strength, but Israel doesn’t realize the severity of its condition! (verse 9). What happens when we get closer and closer to Putin? We get further and further away from God! That’s deadly dangerous!

“And the pride of Israel testifieth to his face: and they do not return to the Lord their God, nor seek him for all this” (verse 10). God condemns Israel for foolishly seeking alliances with Gentiles instead of with Him. He calls America, Britain and the Jews in the Middle East a silly dove! (verse 11). We have forsaken God. Woe unto us! (verse 13). Only He can save us in these horrifying times.

God will have to teach America a stern lesson through unthinkable trials and tests. “When they shall go, I will spread my net upon them; I will bring them down as the fowls of the heaven; I will chastise them, as their congregation hath heard” (verse 12).

When Americans finally wake up to the danger staring them in the face, it will be too late. “They have blown the trumpet, even to make all ready; but none goeth to the battle: for my wrath is upon all the multitude thereof” (Ezekiel 7:14). Cyberattacks will cripple our infrastructure, including our military technology, making it impossible to go to war. That is a frightening scenario to think about!

There is good news in the midst of so much gloom. The prophesied prince of Russia and all of these savage Gentile powers are prophesied to lead directly to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! No longer will these armies terrorize the world!

What Germany Sees in Donald Trump

What Germany Sees in Donald Trump

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Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on January 25, 2017.

Germany is in panic mode over the new leadership in the White House. After enjoying decades of close relations with the United States, Germany’s leaders are struggling to figure out how to respond to President Donald Trump’s anti-EU stance. The U.S.-EU relationship is being upended and that means big changes are about to occur in Europe, specifically Germany. On today’s radio show, Stephen Flurry discusses how these developments fall right in line with predictions Herbert W. Armstrong made decades ago.

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