EU’s “Rights of Man”

From the February 2003 Trumpet Print Edition

It would have been unthinkable a decade ago. Here was post-Crusades, post-Inquisition, post-Nazi, post-Holocaust Europe accusing the one nation that for two years stood alone against the onslaught of the most murderous power to ever engulf that continent of the very sins of which its own history has been a continual chronicle!

“The European Parliament criticized Britain yesterday for a wide range of human rights abuses …. In its annual report on the state of human rights in the European Union, the Parliament singled out Britain’s criminal justice system for much of the harshest criticism” (Daily Telegraph, London, Jan. 14; emphasis ours throughout).

Britain’s system, keep in mind, is bound up in the tradition of “innocent till proven guilty,” whereas the European system is based on the very opposite—“guilty till proven innocent.” Not surprisingly, the report was drafted by a European socialist.

“The report also said Downing Street had abridged the ‘freedom of the press’ by telling journalists to hold back from reporting on military operations in Afghanistan. ‘It invoked reasons of national security and the need to prevent national panic’” (ibid.).

This came from the parliamentary body which legislates for the most secretive federation of nation states that has existed since the Holy Roman Empire! The EU simply has no law guaranteeing the transparency of its unelected Brussels-based technocrats. They draft their EU rules in secret and impose them with impunity on the masses.

Reading a little deeper into the report, one can predict the sinister outcome: “The Parliament has called for the creation of a European human rights agency to monitor compliance in a far more intrusive way” (ibid.). Not content with imposing over 80,000 pages of laws, rules, regulations and financial impositions on its citizenry, the EU is about to launch an agency of “human rights” enforcers!

The ironic master stroke of this insidious penetration into people’s privacy is that the EU is using the concept of the defense of human rights—something that Europe has never championed to anywhere near the extent of Britain and its dominions (historically the havens for masses of refugees)—to impose a system which will enforce even greater limits and regulations on the so-called rights of man. In doing so, it will gain the right to intrude into citizens’ lives to check that they are toeing the EU line.