EU Steps Up Aid in Fight Against the Islamic State

The European Union announced February 6 that it would give €1 billion (us$1.1 billion) to fight the Islamic State and to aid the crises in Syria and Iraq.

In addition, the EU plans to help start anti-radicalization programs and take steps to curb terror financing. It also plans to work against the flow of foreign fighters into the area.

Three days later, the EU announced that it will also increase support for Lebanon. EU foreign policy chief Federica announced the plan in Brussels:

Soundbite: “The European Union is ready to step up its support for Lebanon to address these challenges. We are already providing substantial support with an overall envelope of €180 million euros ($203 million) last year, and we have announced an additional €37 million ($41 million) of humanitarian aid just last week.”

Sharing a border with Syria means Lebanon faces security challenges from the besieged country. Approximately 3.2 million people have fled the fighting in Syria—many of them going to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Watch for the EU to continue to increase its presence in the Middle East as the Islamic State causes greater instability in the area. The lack of action from the United States is also driving Europe forward. To learn why Europe will soon replace America as the leading power in the Middle East, watch Gerald Flurry’s recent program “The Yemen Crisis.”