Tornadoes, Floods, Fires Hit the U.S.

Residents of Oklahoma and Missouri are piecing their lives back together after severe weather ravaged their states Friday night.

Violent tornadoes and thunderstorms in the Oklahoma City area killed 13 people. More than 100 were hurt during Friday night’s storms that hit during rush hour. Cars along Interstate 40 remained trapped as the storms raged through.

Torrential downpours followed for hours after the twisters moved east. Some areas received up to seven inches of rain. Oklahoma City’s airport sustained water damage, and had to shut down Friday night.

In Missouri, areas west of St. Louis received significant damage from a tornado with wind speeds estimated at 150 miles per hour. At least 71 homes were heavily damaged and 100 had slight to moderate damage.

Meanwhile, residents in California are evacuating their homes as a wildfire rages toward them.

A wildfire north of Los Angeles nearly doubled in size Sunday night. Officials issued evacuation orders for about 700 homes, affecting nearly 3,000 people. The wildfire is dangerously close to two communities.

Monday morning it spread quickly in unoccupied land. However, populated areas about 50 miles north of downtown Los Angeles remain in danger.

The fire had already destroyed at least five structures before Sunday evening. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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