Tornadoes Kill Six in Texas

Multiple tornadoes swept through North Texas on Wednesday night. In Granbury, Texas, six people were killed and about 50 were injured. At least 250 were left homeless.

Approximately 50 people were taken to a local hospital. Fourteen were admitted for treatment of injuries, while two were transferred to a hospital in Fort Worth.

As of Thursday morning, Granbury officials were still trying to locate 14 people. They don’t yet know if the people are missing or just not in the area.

The tornado littered Granbury with debris and aluminum panels. About 20,000 homes and businesses lost electricity.

Police set up roadblocks on Thursday morning near the stricken areas. People affected by the devastation congregated in public areas.

Elizabeth Tovar: “We were all, like, hugging in the bathtub, and that’s when it started happening. I heard glass shattering and I knew my house was going. We looked up and then, like, on top of the bathtub, the whole ceiling was gone. And that was when we knew we were, we were probably gone—we were in trouble.”

Last May, an F5 tornado swept through Joplin, Missouri, demolishing the southern part of the city and killing over 150. Hurricane Sandy ravaged much of the eastern United States in October, killing nearly 300.

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