Detroit Takes Emergency Measures

Detroit has become the largest city in U.S. history to be placed under the supervision of an emergency manager. Lawyer Kevyn Orr was appointed on Thursday by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. Governor Snyder told the media that the state is intervening in Detroit because the city’s finances have reached “a true crisis point.”

Orr is a bankruptcy lawyer who helped Chrysler, one of Detroit’s automakers, restructure its finances after it went bankrupt in 2009. In his new role, he has broad powers to control all city spending.

Detroit was once synonymous with wealth and prosperity. About a century ago, it boasted the fourth-largest population of any city in America. That figure has dropped from the millions to only 700,000—40 percent of whom live in poverty. Automakers and other manufacturers have left the city, along with jobs and citizens. Over the past decade, 25 percent of the city’s population has fled.

But Detroit’s crises have not just been economic. Its families have been obliterated: By some estimates, three out of every four Detroit families are missing a father or a mother. This social wreckage has contributed to an unbelievable state of affairs in the city. Nearly half of all Detroit adults are functionally illiterate. About one in three households have no one who has worked a job in the last 12 months. Gang activity and drug usage is out of control, and Detroit is widely regarded as America’s first major failed city. It is doubtful that its new emergency manager will be able to save it, financially or otherwise.

Detroit is an indication of what is ahead for cities across the country. American families are already disintegrating, and social structures are crumbling. The Bible prophesied that this would happen due to rampant sin. It also forecast that American cities will experience financial collapse, social upheaval, violence, riots and burning.

Detroit’s plight reveals that America has lost its blessings and is being overrun by curses because it has forgotten God. Read Leviticus 26 for a shockingly accurate prediction of America’s fate, and compare it to today’s headlines.