Firebombs Explode on Temple Mount


Firebombs Explode on Temple Mount

Protesters cause stir as firebombs explode at the Temple Mount, while tensions continue rise in Jerusalem with Zechariah’s prophecy of half of Jerusalem falling remains waits to be fulfilled.

Protesters on the Temple Mount threw stones and firebombs at Israeli police on March 8. It was the first time ever that firebombs have been used on the Temple Mount. Video footage made available by an Islamist group shows at least one policeman on fire. Tensions are rising in East Jerusalem. How long will it be before the city explodes?

Jewish groups claim the attacks are worse than those that took place during the Great Terror War of 2000, and are now demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu establish an official inquiry into the events. Police are accused of ignoring warnings about protester plans to carry out severe violence.

The violence, according to Agence France-Presse, originated with Palestinian media claims that an Israeli policeman had stomped on and kicked a Koran. These claims are denied by the police.

Although violence on the Temple Mount is not new, Bible prophecy says we should expect more of it.

Jerusalem truly is sitting on a pile of gunpowder. As we have encouraged our readers before, watch Jerusalem. When tension in this city reaches breaking point, a rapid series of end-time events will ensue. As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in 2006, “Zechariah 14 contains an end-time prophecy about half of Jerusalem falling to the enemy. When half of Jerusalem falls, it starts a chain reaction of events—an avalanche of crises—that leads directly to Jesus Christ’s Second Coming!” Our booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy details that series of events about to befall Jerusalem—and the whole world. Read it now and be forewarned.