Are Carnival and Mardi Gras Christian Celebrations?

Revelers partied in the streets all around the world this week celebrating Carnival and Mardi Gras. The so-called Christian festivals drew in thousands of people enchanted by the festive parades, costumes and music.

“It’s one non-stop party. We’ve got women in costumes, men in costumes, kings, queens. It’s the best,” one reveler said.

New Orleans is particularly renown for popularizing Mardi Gras in America. Other countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Germany, Portugal and Italy have embraced these traditions for hundreds of years. These festivals are traditionally seen as the last opportunity to indulge fleshly lusts before the denial that is supposed to accompany Lent, the 40-day period that precedes Easter.

But what is the real meaning and origin behind these so-called Christian festivals? Boasting to be a time of no restraint, these wild festivals often breed nasty sins, and showcase them for the world to see. How can these festivals be Christian at all when the Bible tells Christians to abhor and flee sin? Maybe these festivals aren’t Christian at all.

If you want to know the truth behind these old festivals, read “Uncovering the Origins of Mardi Gras and Other ‘Christian’ Festivals” right here on the Don’t take your traditions for granted—prove to yourself whether they are Christian at all or not!