Israel Finalizing Fences

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Israel Finalizing Fences

Israel has finalized the construction of their border fence which separates them from Egypt.

On January 2, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that it had completed a 230-kilometer-long fence along Israel’s southern border. Construction of the fortification that separates Israel from Egypt began three years ago. The final extension is expected to be finished in May this year.

The fence is 4.7 meters high and is topped with razor wire. Military cameras, radars and other surveillance equipment will allow Israel to monitor the vast expanse that is to be defended.

It is hoped the fence will stop terrorists entering Israel through the Sinai, prevent smuggling, and deter illegal immigrants from Africa from getting into the nation.

Following on the heels of the finalizing of this defense project came an announcement on January 6 from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of yet another fence that is to be set up. This latest fence will be in the northern region known as the Golan Heights. The area has long been the source of contention between Israel and Syria. The region was controlled by Syria until 1967, when Israel took the area during the Six-Day War. Since then it has remained under Israeli control.

The fence in the north is being built because of the Syrian civil war, and may heighten tensions with Syria, but Israel appears willing to take that risk. Amos Harel, the defense correspondent for Haaretz, stated that a conventional attack from the Syrian government was not the only concern. “There is the problem of al Qaeda, chemical weapons, whatever you’d like,” he said. There is also another concern from across the border. Moshe Maoz, a professor of Middle Eastern studies at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, said that Mr. Netanyahu was building because, “if a radical Islamic organization takes over, Israel will be in danger.”

Israel is scrambling to secure its borders as the tumult in surrounding nations threatens its security. Despite the millions of dollars Israel is spending on defense, prophecy tells us that Israel will not be able to protect itself. Prophecy from Hosea 5 tells us who Israel will look to for assistance. When Israel realizes that wire and cameras are not enough, watch it turn to Europe in search of a strong hand to solve the crisis in the Middle East.

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