U.S. and German Troops Head to Turkey

German and U.S. troops are being deployed on a NATO mission along the Turkish border with the ongoing Syrian civil war continuing.

Troops and military equipment from the United States and Germany headed for Turkey on Tuesday. The deployment will support nato operations along the Turkish-Syrian border. American forces included soldiers from the Army Air and Missile Defense Command, based in Ramstein, Germany. German soldiers deployed from the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

The United States, Germany and also the Netherlands are each sending soldiers to Turkey, along with a pair of Patriot missile batteries. The six Patriot batteries are intended to protect Turkey against any spillover from Syria’s ongoing civil war.

Although they are ineffective against artillery and mortar fire, Patriot batteries can shoot down enemy missiles, as well as manned aircraft. The systems are expected to become operational later this month.

America and Germany are cooperating on this nato mission, and it appears that Washington wants to rely on Berlin even more in the future. But in doing so, the United States is expecting friendship and peace from the greatest war-making nation in history.

The Bible reveals where this relationship will lead. Ezekiel 23 refers to Germany as America’s “lover,” but it also shows that Germany will betray America in the end.

In the September/October 2000 issue of the Trumpet, editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote that the United States trusts Germany more than it trusts God. America’s trust in Germany, he said, “could be the worst foreign-policy mistake we have ever made—or ever will make.”