Pope Pushes for a Unified EU

Pope Benedict xvi voiced a variety of political policies to the Vatican-accredited diplomatic corps on Monday. From Vatican City, the pope called for a ceasefire in Syria and touched on issues affecting several Middle Eastern and African countries. He also drew attention to Europe’s economic problems and urged European countries to work together to fix the financial crisis.

The pope identified profits as the source of Europe’s financial problems. He admonished policymakers to monitor disparities between rich and poor as closely as they monitor disparities in bond market yields.

He also called for strong leaders and for European countries to unite in order to combat the crisis.

“The European Union also requires farsighted representatives capable of making the difficult choices necessary to rectify its economy and to lay solid foundations for growth. Alone, certain countries may perhaps advance more quickly, but together, all will certainly go further,” he said.

However, contrary to what the pope told the diplomatic corps, profits are not the source of Europe’s economic problems. The Trumpet has repeatedly highlighted that Europe’s economic crises were designed to happen. The euro was actually adopted in order to precipitate an economic emergency. European elites knew that their nations would not unite unless they were forced to by a financial catastrophe. That plan is now coming into action.

The Bible predicts that 10 kings will emerge in Europe. Daniel 8 says “a king of fierce countenance” will rule these 10 kings, who will subjugate most of the rest of Europe.

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